I’m A Little Confused

Posted by snuggles1968 on March 4th, 2013 |Filed Under Emotions | 4 Comments

I’ve recently been having trouble losing weight. After getting better from the last bout of pneumonia over the Christmas holidays, I’ve been struggling with weight. While I was sick, I actually gained 7 pounds but barely ate anything and it seems it doesn’t want to come off very easily. At one point, the doctor’s scale read 213lbs (mine at home read 217lbs) but it seemed that once I started feeling better, I gained 7 pounds and right now am hovering at 220lbs. Some days, I am 218 but then a day or two later, I could be 221.8lbs. I’m really confused. I have a weight-loss buddy who is helping me sort out my “issues” and she’s made me aware that I’m not eating enough to lose weight! Now go figure that one out! LOL

Okay, so I’m realizing I don’t eat breakfast. I just have a coffee or two. Then go to work, have maybe a total of 200 calories worth of food at lunch then drink apple juice the rest of the time that ultimately brings my calorie intake to a whopping 500 calories for lunch and the whole afternoon. Then I go home after work, have dinner which is maybe a few bites off the plate then I’m chugging water and maybe a can of coke or even more apple juice until I go to bed. So while I may be eating about 2000 calories a day, 80% of it is liquid energy. I’m tired all the time, I feel drained, aching and sore. My buddy tells me my body is in starvation mode because I’m not eating enough while I’m working my very physically demanding job. Add to this, my elliptical workouts when I’m off for a day or two, and I guess I’m not fueling my body enough.

What I can’t seem to wrap my head around is that I know all this stuff! I’ve been doing this for YEARS! Literally, YEARS!!! I’ve tracked very calorie and nutrition content for as long as I can remember. Everything I put into my mouth is measured but that doesn’t seem to be helping me lose weight!!!! I’m very frustrated and at a loss as to what is going on.

I’ve always been physically active and in the past, my eating habits have never been an issue. That is until now. I was telling one of the girls at work today, after another comment from her about how I should be eating more at lunch time, that I am the fattest anorexic on earth! At the time I was actually joking around but the realization of what I had just said really hit home. I just don’t know how to change this right now. I need Dr. Christian Jessen to help me with a diet plan get back on track to lose weight! 🙂

Example: For dinner tonight, my husband had made dinner for me but after only 3 bites, I was “full” and couldn’t eat anymore. Literally, only 3 bites of food and I just couldn’t put another spoonful past my lips! Yet, I’ve been drinking liquid like a good thing the whole time. So far, I’ve had a coke and 4 bottles of water (=8 cups) and will likely have at least another 2 bottles (=4 cups) before I finally fall asleep tonight.

So I guess, until I figure this one out, I’m just going to have to try to start eating breakfast because it’s what I’m “supposed” to do and will try to eat more at lunch time. I’m just so NOT INTO FOOD RIGHT NOW!!!!  It just turns my stomach to force food down my throat and I literally have to choke it down in order to swallow it. I’ve GOT TO LOSE THIS WEIGHT!!!


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