I’m such a Loser! In a Good Way!

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Since last I journaled, I have managed to drop 3.6lbs and have worked a few days this week. I love the “idea” of being fit and thin again, but it sure seems a lot harder now than it did 15+ years ago!  It’s hard to believe when my children were wee babes, I was at the gym 5 hours a day, 5 days a week and now I can hardly get through an hour on the elliptical without feeling like I’m going to collapse!

I guess in my mind, I feel I should still be able to have that much stamina but my body tells (no, screams!) at me that I’m not that young anymore! I didn’t start out at 5hrs/day, 5days/wk though. At first, I started with step aerobics and remember when I couldn’t even do a 20 minute class before being exhausted but as I kept going, over time, I built up to the massive workouts I was doing near the end. At the end, I was doing an hour of high intensity step aerobics with ab work, and calisthenics. Then I would do an hour on the weight circuit, an hour on the treadmill, an hour swimming and then an hour or so playing basketball or volleyball with whomever was on the courts at the time. I absolutely LOVED that time in my life even though my private life was torture at the time, I guess the gym was my escape from the abuse of my ex-husband. I miss those workouts and the time for myself a lot.

I am improving at my current age now too. When I started on the elliptical again, I set my quick goal to do 6.20km in an hour and at first I was only able to do a difficulty level 1 for what felt like a very long, tortuous hour and didn’t even achieve the 6.20km until 10 minutes AFTER the hour but now I’m up to level 3 and am able to finish the 6.20km in UNDER an hour! Woot! So it may take me a little longer to get where I’m going, but the bottom line is, I’m STILL GETTING THERE!  My next goal is to set my quick goal to the 10k setting and see where it takes me. At some point, I’d like to get down to our local YMCA and see about getting into their water fit programs as well.

Until then, I’ll keep working with what I have and continue to lose this weight as best I can.

Current weight: 221.0

Weather: Cloudy and snowing

Mood: bored and about to start cleaning house

Sleep: 6hrs, very heavy sleep

Physical: sinus headache but overall very well

Total Calories Allowed: 1940cals

Total Calories Consumed: 2057cals

Total Calories Burned: 632cals


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