Oh These Winter Blues

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Tonight I sit here alone in the house. It’s very quiet and still. Everything that is, except for the clicking and tapping of the keyboard and mouse while I write my journal. 🙂   The snow is blowing pretty bad outside tonight and the roads are slick with ice and snow. I just got home from taking the son to work, the daughter is out playing pool with a few of her friends and the husband is still working.

I don’t get this privilege very often, so when I do, I like to take a hot bubble bath and ponder life and all it’s intricacies. I reflect on 2012 and smile in anticipation for what 2013 will bring.

As far as the weight goes, I have actually gained a bit during my illness. I’m currently weighing between 220-224lbs depending on how much fluid I’m drinking on any given day. I know it can’t possibly be due to eating since I’m barely doing much of that these days so it has to be from all the fluids and medications I’m on while my body is trying to heal from this influenza/pneumonia. I’m actually a little surprised I’ve put on weight but it makes sense because of my body swelling so much.

When I was at the doctor’s the other day, I was weighing in at a wonderful 213.8lbs and I was actually eating more at that point that I have been this past week! Needless to say, the extra pounds are showing in how I’m feeling about myself right now. I’ve been sick since before Christmas and haven’t been able to shake this bug and it’s really starting to get me down. All the sleepless nights spent coughing and heaving combined with medicated constipation and upset stomach are all contributing to my melancholy mood.  I’ve managed to cough some ribs right out of place so when I cough again, I cringe in major chest and back pain. Body aches and low-grade fever add to my dismal outlook. I feel like I’ve got to constantly void my bladder but when I cough, it voids automatically for me! LOL Oh the joys of being middle aged and having incontinence issues when you’re sick! I know I’ve matured when I don’t care anymore whether people know I’m having “issues” or not! LOL

I called work to find out when I’m scheduled to work next but when my boss heard my voice she told me I was scheduled to work tomorrow but since I’m still not sounding too well, she told me not to come in and to call again on Tuesday to find out if I should go to work for Wednesday. So I guess I’m not ready to work this week again after-all. I was really hoping to be better by now so I could get back to work. Our finances are taking a huge hit with me not working the past few weeks. Thank goodness I’ve got God to work it all out for me because if I had to worry about all this on my own, I’d be feeling pretty overwhelmed right now and not just down in the dumps because of this sickness. Even in my illness, I still praise Jesus Christ for providing and taking care of me all this time. Including our finances, my family and protecting our assets even if I’m not feeling top notch at this very moment.


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