Starting to Feel Better… finally

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It’s been a while, but I am finally starting to feel better. I got sick a week or two before Christmas with a cold and then thought it had left until the day after Christmas and I was hit with yet another bug that resulted in a major chest infection leading to influenza and pneumonia. I’m still coughing and dealing with some residual congestion but overall am doing much better. I don’t have my voice yet either but I don’t hear anyone in the house complaining about that!

While I’ve been ill, my eating habits have pretty much been hit and miss. Sometimes I would eat, and other times I would not, and I would even binge depending on how I was feeling on any given day. My weight has fluctuated between 213 – 219 but feel a lot of the weight gain was from fluid retention because of all the liquids I was drinking during the sickness. I have literally been drinking a LOT of very hot tea, water, and gingerale (to help with sore throat and phlegm). My son has started calling me “two-bites” though because when I eat, I have a few bites and am full and don’t want to eat anymore. He finds this quite amusing and now I’m stuck with another nickname. 🙂 I’m okay with that too!

I have worked one day since December 21, 2012 because of this flu bug and am looking forward to being able to get out of the house once again and earn my keep.

Today, I weigh 220.4lbs but am not sure how that’s possible since I’ve hardly been eating anything in a week. This is a little discouraging to me but am hoping it’s only a temporary setback due to illness.

Today, my whole food intake consisted of the following:

Breakfast – 2 cups of my usual coffee.

Lunch – can of coke

Dinner – 3 bites of roasted chicken breast, 2 bites of chicken stove top stuffing, about 1/2c cooked beets and about 1tbs of chicken gravy I made from the juices of the chicken

Then I was completely full and could eat absolutely nothing else. It’s been like this for weeks now. Hopefully I’ll be able to taste food again soon too. I’m really missing spices.


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