More than just gifts for Christmas

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Well Christmas of 2012 was a grand success and this year we got more than just gifts from our friends and family! Some long time friends from the big city of Toronto came to stay a few days over the holidays and were nice enough to bring with them more than just their gifts. They brought with them, the worst flu of the season!

Ever since the day right after Christmas day (Boxing day) we all came down with fevers, chills, sweats, congestion and sore throats that ultimately ends up in the chest. We’ve been sick ever since and are slowly finding out we aren’t the only ones hit with this incredible illness! It’s even more than just city-wide. It is province-wide and Lord only knows, it’s likely from East to West wide at this point. Friends and family we have state-side are also reporting the same illness. In my medical experience this is more than just a random flu bug going around. This is more severe and widespread. I’d even go so far as to say it may even be an epidemic verging on a pandemic if it keeps spreading like it is.

A friend of mine has a three year old girl who’s had this illness for about a month now and has been on several types of antibiotics and none of them have helped her yet. She’s very ill with pneumonia and severe congestion just like the rest of us. My mother (who is 70yrs old) who is also sick with it reports her whole apartment complex is bed ridden with this bug. Mark my words, this is not nature-made…. I don’t care who thinks I’m crazy but if you know anything about bacteria and virus’ you would know this does not happen on this grand scale without help from man and genetic engineering (I’m not the ONLY ONE who has this opinion either). A virus or bacteria adapt quickly and often mutate within weeks of the first outbreak but this has been going on for months without changing characteristics or symptoms and so far, I’ve not heard of any antibiotics or medical treatments that have been successful in eradicating this vicious illness.

Time will only tell how much damage this is going to cause to the public and to the many local businesses being affected by regular folks like myself who have lost valuable work hours due to this bug. In my place of employment alone, every single person in the hotel, INCLUDING guests have contracted this illness and are still trying to recover but faring similar circumstances such as mine own. I have lost almost 3 weeks thus far and see no end in sight in the near future (being the next week or so). I only pray it doesn’t get any worse than it already is. I’m fighting severe influenza and pneumonia at this point and the coughing is extremely painful. I haven’t had more than an hour or two of sleep at a time in the last 9 days as the coughing is so severe it prevents me from laying down and sleeping for any length of time before I start choking on mucous and fluid in my lungs. The other day my doctor told me that from his own experience and from what he’s heard from other local doctors most of the city has been hit with the exact same symptoms.

In other news, the bug is helping me to lose more weight which is the main reason for this journal. While I was at the doctors I weighed myself on his scale and am sitting at 97kg which roughly translates into 213.8lbs! For a grand total weightloss to date of 49.8lbs since May 19, 2012! WOOT!!! It will be interesting to see how my body adjusts to food once again when I’m back on my feet and feeling better.


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