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January 3, 2013 – I turned 45 years old today. I’ve come so far, yet have so much further to go. Life has a way of changing us and teaching us things we never thought possible or plausible. Yet today, here I am. A little worse for wear but still “wearable”. A little older, but still young in so many ways.

My family gave me a new computer they had built themselves. A very fast and huge memory capacity desktop that I will have to take the next year or two to learn all the bells and whistles they put in for me. I spent my birthday installing all my Sims2 expansions and stuff packs just so I could see what the computer would be capable of and it didn’t let me down!

I have also been sick since the day after Christmas and am finally feeling better enough to write in my journal tonight before going to bed. The holidays were filled with delicious food and fantastic friends and family. I enjoyed myself but still watched what I ate so as not to gain too much during the holidays. I am happy to report I’ve actually lost some weight over the holidays and am currently weighing in at 217.2lbs. Just before Christmas, I had gained a bit and was sitting around 223lbs again but thankfully due diligence and a good dose of a head cold has paid off.

I had to pick up my son from work tonight at 1am which is why I am still up and writing right now. Everyone in the house is still sick including my mother who’s been with us since December 21st but will be going home on Saturday. Life is definitely good at 45. I wouldn’t want to change a thing!


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