A Great Workout!

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Despite having a few cracked ribs from coughing so hard these past few weeks I went on my Octane Elliptical Cross-Trainer and kicked butt for an hour!


I wore the heart monitor and made sure I kept an eye on my heart rate (HR) and kept hydrated during the slow down periods of my workout. Here’s my stats:

In 60 Mins I “ran” 5.44Kms for a total of 390cals burned with an average HR of 135bps. My goal is to do the 10k program on my machine which will help me tone up what I have under the loose skin from the weightloss to date.

While I’m not working every day, I NEED to continue to be on the down side of this weightloss journey and now that I’m feeling better, I NEED to push myself to stay active regardless of how my ribs are feeling right now.

I feel good about the workout and hope I can do it again either tomorrow or the next day. Not sure yet how I’ll feel tomorrow so we’ll see how it goes.

Todays weigh in is 220.8lbs – Soooo not happy with this number either but will try harder to start bringing it down again…

Back to Work

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It’s been weeks since I was able to work and will be returning tomorrow to see if I am able to do the physical labor involved with my job. I’m a little hesitant and apprehensive but NEED to get back to work for several reasons including financial and major boredom. I’m still coughing a fair amount and have little to no energy but need to work. Despite having a couple of fractured ribs from the severe coughing bouts I’ve endured, I’m pretty much back to fair health.

During my illness though, I have gotten a good lead on another job that is full-time but pays about the same per hour as what I make now as part-time. It’s also in another city which is sort of a downer but I was thinking I could maybe do both jobs and see how it goes. The other job is Monday – Thursday working 4-12hr shifts and all the overtime I want. My current job is part-time so I figured I could tell them I can work 2 days a week (Friday and maybe Saturday) then have a day off before going back to the full-time position on Monday. I guess I can see how it goes and if it doesn’t work out with the full-time job in the other city then I’d still have my part-time job that I love so much but just doesn’t give me enough hours to make it worth my while sitting around waiting for them to need me.

In other news, my weight has pretty much hit a road-block and I’m at an impasse. Neither up, nor down… 219.6lbs steady…. I’m SO not happy with this… that’s all I have to say about that for now…

Oh These Winter Blues

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Tonight I sit here alone in the house. It’s very quiet and still. Everything that is, except for the clicking and tapping of the keyboard and mouse while I write my journal. 🙂   The snow is blowing pretty bad outside tonight and the roads are slick with ice and snow. I just got home from taking the son to work, the daughter is out playing pool with a few of her friends and the husband is still working.

I don’t get this privilege very often, so when I do, I like to take a hot bubble bath and ponder life and all it’s intricacies. I reflect on 2012 and smile in anticipation for what 2013 will bring.

As far as the weight goes, I have actually gained a bit during my illness. I’m currently weighing between 220-224lbs depending on how much fluid I’m drinking on any given day. I know it can’t possibly be due to eating since I’m barely doing much of that these days so it has to be from all the fluids and medications I’m on while my body is trying to heal from this influenza/pneumonia. I’m actually a little surprised I’ve put on weight but it makes sense because of my body swelling so much.

When I was at the doctor’s the other day, I was weighing in at a wonderful 213.8lbs and I was actually eating more at that point that I have been this past week! Needless to say, the extra pounds are showing in how I’m feeling about myself right now. I’ve been sick since before Christmas and haven’t been able to shake this bug and it’s really starting to get me down. All the sleepless nights spent coughing and heaving combined with medicated constipation and upset stomach are all contributing to my melancholy mood.  I’ve managed to cough some ribs right out of place so when I cough again, I cringe in major chest and back pain. Body aches and low-grade fever add to my dismal outlook. I feel like I’ve got to constantly void my bladder but when I cough, it voids automatically for me! LOL Oh the joys of being middle aged and having incontinence issues when you’re sick! I know I’ve matured when I don’t care anymore whether people know I’m having “issues” or not! LOL

I called work to find out when I’m scheduled to work next but when my boss heard my voice she told me I was scheduled to work tomorrow but since I’m still not sounding too well, she told me not to come in and to call again on Tuesday to find out if I should go to work for Wednesday. So I guess I’m not ready to work this week again after-all. I was really hoping to be better by now so I could get back to work. Our finances are taking a huge hit with me not working the past few weeks. Thank goodness I’ve got God to work it all out for me because if I had to worry about all this on my own, I’d be feeling pretty overwhelmed right now and not just down in the dumps because of this sickness. Even in my illness, I still praise Jesus Christ for providing and taking care of me all this time. Including our finances, my family and protecting our assets even if I’m not feeling top notch at this very moment.

Starting to Feel Better… finally

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It’s been a while, but I am finally starting to feel better. I got sick a week or two before Christmas with a cold and then thought it had left until the day after Christmas and I was hit with yet another bug that resulted in a major chest infection leading to influenza and pneumonia. I’m still coughing and dealing with some residual congestion but overall am doing much better. I don’t have my voice yet either but I don’t hear anyone in the house complaining about that!

While I’ve been ill, my eating habits have pretty much been hit and miss. Sometimes I would eat, and other times I would not, and I would even binge depending on how I was feeling on any given day. My weight has fluctuated between 213 – 219 but feel a lot of the weight gain was from fluid retention because of all the liquids I was drinking during the sickness. I have literally been drinking a LOT of very hot tea, water, and gingerale (to help with sore throat and phlegm). My son has started calling me “two-bites” though because when I eat, I have a few bites and am full and don’t want to eat anymore. He finds this quite amusing and now I’m stuck with another nickname. 🙂 I’m okay with that too!

I have worked one day since December 21, 2012 because of this flu bug and am looking forward to being able to get out of the house once again and earn my keep.

Today, I weigh 220.4lbs but am not sure how that’s possible since I’ve hardly been eating anything in a week. This is a little discouraging to me but am hoping it’s only a temporary setback due to illness.

Today, my whole food intake consisted of the following:

Breakfast – 2 cups of my usual coffee.

Lunch – can of coke

Dinner – 3 bites of roasted chicken breast, 2 bites of chicken stove top stuffing, about 1/2c cooked beets and about 1tbs of chicken gravy I made from the juices of the chicken

Then I was completely full and could eat absolutely nothing else. It’s been like this for weeks now. Hopefully I’ll be able to taste food again soon too. I’m really missing spices.

More than just gifts for Christmas

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Well Christmas of 2012 was a grand success and this year we got more than just gifts from our friends and family! Some long time friends from the big city of Toronto came to stay a few days over the holidays and were nice enough to bring with them more than just their gifts. They brought with them, the worst flu of the season!

Ever since the day right after Christmas day (Boxing day) we all came down with fevers, chills, sweats, congestion and sore throats that ultimately ends up in the chest. We’ve been sick ever since and are slowly finding out we aren’t the only ones hit with this incredible illness! It’s even more than just city-wide. It is province-wide and Lord only knows, it’s likely from East to West wide at this point. Friends and family we have state-side are also reporting the same illness. In my medical experience this is more than just a random flu bug going around. This is more severe and widespread. I’d even go so far as to say it may even be an epidemic verging on a pandemic if it keeps spreading like it is.

A friend of mine has a three year old girl who’s had this illness for about a month now and has been on several types of antibiotics and none of them have helped her yet. She’s very ill with pneumonia and severe congestion just like the rest of us. My mother (who is 70yrs old) who is also sick with it reports her whole apartment complex is bed ridden with this bug. Mark my words, this is not nature-made…. I don’t care who thinks I’m crazy but if you know anything about bacteria and virus’ you would know this does not happen on this grand scale without help from man and genetic engineering (I’m not the ONLY ONE who has this opinion either). A virus or bacteria adapt quickly and often mutate within weeks of the first outbreak but this has been going on for months without changing characteristics or symptoms and so far, I’ve not heard of any antibiotics or medical treatments that have been successful in eradicating this vicious illness.

Time will only tell how much damage this is going to cause to the public and to the many local businesses being affected by regular folks like myself who have lost valuable work hours due to this bug. In my place of employment alone, every single person in the hotel, INCLUDING guests have contracted this illness and are still trying to recover but faring similar circumstances such as mine own. I have lost almost 3 weeks thus far and see no end in sight in the near future (being the next week or so). I only pray it doesn’t get any worse than it already is. I’m fighting severe influenza and pneumonia at this point and the coughing is extremely painful. I haven’t had more than an hour or two of sleep at a time in the last 9 days as the coughing is so severe it prevents me from laying down and sleeping for any length of time before I start choking on mucous and fluid in my lungs. The other day my doctor told me that from his own experience and from what he’s heard from other local doctors most of the city has been hit with the exact same symptoms.

In other news, the bug is helping me to lose more weight which is the main reason for this journal. While I was at the doctors I weighed myself on his scale and am sitting at 97kg which roughly translates into 213.8lbs! For a grand total weightloss to date of 49.8lbs since May 19, 2012! WOOT!!! It will be interesting to see how my body adjusts to food once again when I’m back on my feet and feeling better.

My Life – At this Moment

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January 3, 2013 – I turned 45 years old today. I’ve come so far, yet have so much further to go. Life has a way of changing us and teaching us things we never thought possible or plausible. Yet today, here I am. A little worse for wear but still “wearable”. A little older, but still young in so many ways.

My family gave me a new computer they had built themselves. A very fast and huge memory capacity desktop that I will have to take the next year or two to learn all the bells and whistles they put in for me. I spent my birthday installing all my Sims2 expansions and stuff packs just so I could see what the computer would be capable of and it didn’t let me down!

I have also been sick since the day after Christmas and am finally feeling better enough to write in my journal tonight before going to bed. The holidays were filled with delicious food and fantastic friends and family. I enjoyed myself but still watched what I ate so as not to gain too much during the holidays. I am happy to report I’ve actually lost some weight over the holidays and am currently weighing in at 217.2lbs. Just before Christmas, I had gained a bit and was sitting around 223lbs again but thankfully due diligence and a good dose of a head cold has paid off.

I had to pick up my son from work tonight at 1am which is why I am still up and writing right now. Everyone in the house is still sick including my mother who’s been with us since December 21st but will be going home on Saturday. Life is definitely good at 45. I wouldn’t want to change a thing!