Digging In My Heels

Posted by snuggles1968 on December 20th, 2012 |Filed Under General | Leave a Comment

I sit here tonight a little apprehensive yet anxious about the upcoming year and what it will bring with it. I wonder how the daughter will do in her winter term at university and if my son and I will get the full-time jobs we’re hoping for near the beginning of January. I contemplate how much 2013 will continue to shape and mould my life. Both good and bad. I think the biggest thing taking up a lot of my thoughts these days involve the weight and if I will manage to lose the rest before summer comes. It is so important to me to lose another 50lbs so I am able to feel healthy again. And with the weightloss, I pray the fibromyalgia leaves as the pounds do. This is at the forefront of the motivation for my 2013 weightloss plans. The person who coined the phrase, “no pain, no gain” never had fibromyalgia! LOL  I’m hoping it will be the other way around! No gaining and no pain!

Today, I am 218.4lbs! I just had to write it down because I know tomorrow morning, that scale will once again, give me something else to work on. 🙂


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