Putting Christ BACK into Christ-mas

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I’ve had a hectic week with things going on around the house. The son has been sick for a couple of weeks with a chest cold / bronchitis and wasn’t doing too well for a few days recently that prevented me from going to work just to take care of him. (my son is disabled) Thank goodness he’s doing much better now.

The daughter is writing her final exam on Friday, December 14 then will have about a month off before starting her winter term. It’s hard to believe she’s right in the middle of her 5th year of university and will eventually graduate then go on to Teachers College and then an ESL course (English as a Second Language) so she can teach globally. She’s already quite fluent in Spanish (she’s doing a double major! One in English Literature and the other in Language) and I hope she decides to teach abroad and not settle down too quickly after she graduates. Don’t get me wrong, I want a good, Christian son-in-law & grand-babies, just not too soon! 🙂

I’ve been a little discouraged and down-hearted the past week or so mostly because of the weather I think. It’s been overcast and gloomy out for weeks now and missing the sunshine. We all started our Vitamin D regime for the winter months to help get ourselves in better spirits. I’ve gained about 4lbs this past week as well. Not happy about this. Yes, I’ve been indulging and allowing the kids to “treat” me to nights out at the local restaraunts and I have no excuse for this. Just that I’ve been feeling really down and then eating out made me feel even worse about things. Ugh, it’s a vicious cycle isn’t it?!  Since I’ve been “moody” as of late, I’ve had a lot of time to think about the season and despite how I’m feeling “right now”, I’m still very blessed and content with my life.

As the Christmas season approaches, I find myself more and more thoughtful on the immeasurable awesome-ness of God and what He did for us (humanity) in the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ on what we call “Christmas” day. I am so grateful that He loves us so much – that knowing His Son would one day have to die a horrible death, He still gave us the greatest gift possible – His ONLY Son. For this I am truly humbled.

Currently weighing in at 222.6lbs – So NOT happy with this number!


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