A New Day, A New Way

Posted by snuggles1968 on October 16th, 2012 |Filed Under General | Leave a Comment

Today I had the day off work (FINALLY!) and spent the whole day outside in my gardens. At first, the day was overcast and drizzly but as the day wore on the clouds disappeared and the sun came out making the rest of the day quite gorgeous to work in. So after 6 hours spent doing yardwork and gardening, I am quite pleased with myself and of course, the look of the outside of the house now. I’m very sore and achy but very happy I got to work in my gardens today. I haven’t been able to get to them since I started working at the Holiday Inn in August.


I happened to weigh myself this evening after working outside all day and am down to 225lb so this made me feel good too.

I realized something tonight as well. If I hadn’t had lost 40lbs and got this physically demanding job, I would not have been able to work outside as much as I did today. I really see how better shape I’m in now than I was. I know last summer I sure couldn’t work the whole day and still be moving around in the evening. Amazing how much this summer has really helped me to turn my life around. It’ll be a year of changes in every season with even more to come in 2013! Woot!


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