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Just this past Thursday (August 30, 2012) I attended a court hearing regarding child support for my two children who are now adult but still entitled to support. As a family, we agreed to end support so their biological father would no longer have any hold on the kids in their lives and they could move on with theirs. My son has decided he wants to officially change his last name to his dad’s (his step-fathers name) so he doesn’t have anymore ties with his biological father (except by gene pool). My daughter hasn’t made a decision about her last name yet but will at some point. All this was spurned on by the children’s great disappointment in their biological father and how my current husband of 15+ years has always been there for them for as long as they can remember. We now close this chapter in our lives for good.

My job is going well but exhaustion has started to set in. Working long, hard days in a physically demanding job is certainly beneficial and has its drawbacks. I’ve lost so much girth all my clothes are now falling off of me and just the other day, I was making a bed at work and my pants fell right off my backside. On my day off, I went out and purchased myself a couple pairs of shorts and tops that fit better now. I also learned my clothing size has changed big time. I’ve gone from a plus size 22 down to a plus size 16 in just 4 months! So once I get a couple more days off I will have to go shopping for some work pants and undergarments since my current ones are also hanging off me now. Another benefit has been my blood pressure. I am now officially within normal ranges which makes me ecstatic and relieved!

Now that I work so much I’ve found my eating habits have changed dramatically. My routine has been to have black coffee and an apple when I get to work in the morning and then I usually have a lunch consisting of protein, vegetables and fruit. Then once I get home, I find I crave more protein and a little carb with veggies. And during all of this, I still drink tons of water. Every morning when I weigh myself before heading to work, I have either lost a pound or two or have remained the same as the day before. I think I’ve finally found what works for me to lose weight with a thyroid disease. Oh, did I mention I now weigh 228lbs!?!?



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