Losing Again

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As I’m sure I’ve already said before that I started a physically demanding job shortly after returning home from working up North and have some good news. I’ve actually started losing weight again. The best news though is the inches I’m losing and muscle tone I’m gaining so the scale hasn’t reflected how much weight I’ve actually lost as the waistline does. Being able to say I’ve lost some weight is always worth repeating more than once! Woot!

I weighed myself this morning and am back down to 230.4lbs which is FANTABULOUS! It’s been so hard to get the weight to start coming off again but looks like I’m back on track.

All my meals are included with my job while I’m working so breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks are all provided. When I get into work in the morning, I grab 2 apples and a glass of orange juice. Then I literally drink a gallon or more of water while I’m working. Lunch consists mainly of vegetables and some protein. And again, I’m having orange juice. Then it’s back to water while I work. I steer clear of carbohydrates like breads and run from sweets. Today the lunch was sandwiches and the basics (salads, veggies & fruit). I opted for half a sandwich of sliced deli meat turkey and the usual veggie stuff. (3/4 of a regular plate is mixed salad with no dressing and some slices of cantaloupe and honeydew melon with a few grapes and the protein is usually about 2-3 ounces of chicken breast) When I got to my table, I took apart the sandwich and just ate the turkey meat and tossed the rest into the trash. It’s a good thing I’m not big on breads (other than home-made) to begin with so this is not a problem for me to do.

I’ve been working long hours and have been sleeping very well these days. Most mornings when I wake up I don’t even realize I’ve just been sleeping for 6-8 hours!

Time for me to hit the hay again as I have to be up for 6am.

I hope the scale is good to me again tomorrow.


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