Another Day Wiser

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Some days I struggle with feeling like allowing myself the “luxury” of guilt-free eating and laying around all day (the kids are experts at this and call it “relaxing”) but because that’s not the type of person I am, I am completely unable to do it. My family tease me about constantly being busy and never “relaxing” but to me, “relaxing” IS cleaning and exercising. I love to be active. I love a clean house and playing tennis, mowing the lawn, gardening and doing laundry. There’s just nothing else like it! Except of course wilderness hiking or cross-country skiing!

Because of the fibromyalgia, I’m unable to walk anywhere so housework and tennis are my avenues of activity. But some days, I’m in so much pain and swollen so badly that just holding my cup of coffee in the morning can be a daunting feat. I found that while I was up North, I did not swell or ache as much as I do down here and I think it is due to the humidity that affects my body in this way. For three glorious months, I didn’t ache or swell. Then I moved back home and then within the first 24 hours, I felt my body begin to ache all over again. So the solution to my fibromyalgia is to move where there is no humidity! HAHAHA! This is SO NOT going to happen so the only other alternative is to continue to deal with the pain as it is and know that if I want a break from the pain, I can go North for a weekend away. 😀

One thing I rediscovered while I was up North was my love of tennis. When I was a teenager, I used to play all the time but then I had children and my life stopped being mine. I purchased a racket and balls (pink of course!) while I was up North and have been playing about once or twice a week since. The plan is to play two to three times a week until the snow falls again then I’ll have to find an indoor sport until the spring.

So today, I am a few pounds lighter than I was yesterday but have a home-made lasagne in the oven for dinner tonight. This is such a bad food for me but I tried to keep it lighter by using a lot less cheese and more seasonings. We’ll see how this affects the scale in the coming days.

I go back to work tomorrow and am anxious to see what I weigh next week at this time after making 20+ double beds, 7+ king beds, vacuum and clean bathrooms in about 16 rooms a DAY for the next 5 days…. This oughta be interesting.


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