Today, I Gain a Small Victory!

Posted by snuggles1968 on August 4th, 2012 |Filed Under General | 3 Comments

Since I’ve been home not quite a week yet, I’ve been cleaning my house from top to bottom and have spent several hours literally scrubbing floors and steam cleaning carpets and furniture. Other than the other day where I made terribly bad food choices, all things considered I think I’ve done alright.

I stepped on the scale first thing this morning like I do every day and was pleasantly surprised to see me down to 227.8lbs. I have to admit, this feels pretty amazing and like I’m actually getting somewhere with this weight thing.

While most folks who have “normal” metabolisms and are able to eat 1500-2000 cals a day in order to lose/maintain weight, I have found I need to consume about half of that in order to lose the pounds. I find if I stay around 1100-1500 cals and do something physical for at least 8 hours a day , I’m consistently losing.

So today I claim a small victory and stand tall knowing my pants are a little looser today than they were yesterday! Go ME!!!!


Weather: Super Hot, Hot, Hot with a humidex and smog advisory

Mood: content and sort of proud of myself

Sleep: had a very late night but had a good sleep for about 5hrs

Physical: GREAT! I’ve been keeping very active and am feeling so much better for it!

Activities: housework- 6hrs = 1302cals burned

Total Calories Allowed: 1669cal

Total Calories Consumed: 1774cal


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