The Countdown Is On!

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A Working Girl

So, I’ve got 8 days left before I leave for the North for 5-6 months. I’ve had a LOT to do in the last couple of months to prepare for the trip and things to be finalized here at home so no one starves to death while I’m gone.

I’ve been to my family doctor, gotten any prescriptions ordered for the 6 month duration and my health checked. The doctor diagnosed me with high blood pressure and wants to put me on medications but I know what I must do in order to get rid of the high BP. Lose weight…. simple as that. So the doctor gave me 6 months (the time I’ll be gone) to lose 60 pounds or he’s going to put me on meds. I reluctantly conceded to his direction – for now; and have determined myself to stick to a plan. Haven’t figured out what that plan is yet, but will do my best to drop 10 pounds a month until I come back a lighter and healthier human. And since I was at the doctors on Monday May 6th I was 260 pounds (yes, I gained a LOT of weight recently!!!) because I had stopped watching what I was eating for a change and since then, I’ve lost 12 pounds (yes, in 4 days!!) I have gone back to tracking everything I eat….

I do not put much excitement into this weightloss since it’s not unusual for me to gain / lose 10-15 pounds in a week depending on how my thyroid levels are at any given time. The real test of weightloss is whether that weight STAYS off for any length of time.

So until sometime in October, I bid you all a farewell and best wishes for the seasons ahead. I will not be back online until after I get back and settled back into my daily routine.

Blessings to all,