Day 18 – Oh Glorious Spring!

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The cold is finally easing up and has left in it’s wake, head congestion, runny nose and a chest cough. Not bad for a week-long illness. 🙂 I feel well enough for the first time in a week to get some major cleaning done around the house! I’m so happy I could jump for joy! hehe I love it when I can get outside and work in the yard.

I spent the day cleaning my kitchen / livingroom area (we have an open-concept home) and got our back yard cleaned up from the dog’s “business” during the winter months. I cleaned off the deck and am preparing the patio furniture for outdoor use. I think my nose got a bit burned being outside so much today. I even cleaned the livingroom windows and transoms! Again, I’m way too happy for words today!

In other news, the battle of the bulge continues. During the last week, my eating depended greatly on how I felt at any given moment. I ate a lot of soups and “lighter” foods so as not to upset my already queasy stomach. I think I should be completely back up to speed within the next couple of days.

Weather: absolutely GORGEOUS!

Mood: astounding!

Sleep: 4hrs slept alright but still not sleeping right because of the sinus congestion

Physical: feeling much better thank you

Activities: extreme housecleaning & yardwork – 6hrs = 1393cals burned

Total Calories Allowed: 2024cal

Total Calories Consumed: 1960cal


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