Day 11 – Recovering… again

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I’ve been “spring cleaning” the past few weeks and have managed to gather a few large baskets of items to give away. My son & I visited my mother the other day and took her all the “goodies” to sort through before donating them. When I lifted one of the heavy baskets from our truck, I felt an intense pain between my shoulder blades and the middle of my back went into very painful spasms. It took the last 2 days to get my back to stop hurting and I thought I was doing much better today but when I was cleaning, I hurt my back again.

My son and I were lifting a heavy wooden filing cabinet from our basement office into our 3rd floor great room when I reached up to push it up the steps and my back went into major spasms again (same place as before). Intense pain and throbbing ensued. My son finished the job on his own while I tried to get the throbbing to subside. Took some alleve and rested the remainder of the day. It hurts so much I can hardly breathe as it feels like my chest is caving in.

🙁 Was not a good day for being active and will have to take the next few days to recover… again. So not happy about this since I was hoping to have my great room completely cleaned out and rearranged by the end of the week. Looks like it’ll have to be postponed until next week now.

Weather: sunny and mild

Mood: frustrated and a little discouraged

Sleep: 2+hrs my husband is sick with a cold and kept me up all night. Tried to sleep on the sofa but the dog thought I wanted to spend time with him so he kept a vigil at my side all night. The cats thought I was a comfy pillow to sleep on as well.

Physical: back is very sore – I think I dislocated that same rib today

Activities: light housekeeping = 233cals burned before I hurt myself again

Total Cals Allowed: 2032

Total Cals Consumed: 1307


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