Day 9 – Weakness

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Weakness comes in so many shapes and sizes. Some weaknesses only have to be the size of a pea in order to fall prey to it’s seductive draw. Some can be so big, it’s hard to see past it and if you try to walk away from it, it seems to follow and devour you.

I fell to a weakness today. My son took me out for lunch at Dairy Queen and I had my favorite thing. I had a regular plain hamburger with extra pickle (I do not like “extras” on my burgers like plastic cheese or heavy “sauces”), poutine and a medium chocolate shake. All this totalled a whopping 1770 cals!!! Just for LUNCH! 😮 Good thing I only eat there once or twice a year.

Over the weekend I was actually struggling with cravings for crunchy things. Since most “crunchy” things are carbohydrate heavy, I munched a lot on carrots and celery. This helped satisfy that craving but am still craving banana or plantain chips a bit.

I will have to be extra good this week to make up for the enormous calorie expenditure I consumed with today’s lunch. My son is going to have to take me to a healthier place next time. But gotta love him for taking his mama out for lunch! Lord bless that chile’ o’ mine! He has such a good heart.

Weather: sunny, brisk

Mood:happy, content

Sleep: 7hrs slept very well – had gotten a new pillow yesterday

Physical: overall pretty good but my back went into spasms this afternoon when lifting a basket out of the truck.

Activities: mall walking with my mother and son – 4hrs = 931cals burned

Total Calories Allowed: 2032cal

Total Calories Consumed: 2468cal


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