Day 8 – All In A Days Work

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Right now, my eliptical is a really good dust collector and clothing rack.

It is said that if you do something long enough it becomes a habit, then the habit becomes your character, then that character becomes your destiny. I figure if I do this long enough, then weightloss ultimately becomes my destiny and will remain that way for the rest of my life. In theory that is….

When I used to work out every day and was into body-building, my trainer always told me it takes 3 weeks of consistent behavior for a person to develop a habit. With this in mind, I should be well on my way to losing weight by the end of March 2012 if this information is indeed correct.

I knew this to be a personal fact since I did that for about 10 years before I stopped exercising. I miss being able to exercise, and hope that with weightloss, I will be able to pick up exercising once again. I’ve always been an active person, even fat, I’m very active. My family always tells me to “relax” and “take it easy”, but I find it very difficult to sit down for any length of time. I just like being a busy person. Even when all my housework is done, I look for something else to do. I like exercise and I just love the “burn” of a good aerobics workout. When the heartrate goes into overdrive, then into low-gear and you hit that plateu, there’s just nothing else like it. Since I’m unable to even walk any distance, taking the dog out for a walk, is not an option I have. Not being able to afford a personal trainer or go to the gym, I have to look at other alternatives to get back into shape as I start losing this weight.

At my peak, I was doing 1 hr of advanced step aerobics, 1 hr running on treadmill, 1 hr weight training, 1 hr playing basketball or volleyball on the courts and 1 hr swimming laps. After all this, I would spend about 20 mins in the sauna, have a quick shower then be home in time for the kids after school. I LOVED this routine!! It was my life for so many years. At my age now, I would be happy with just being able to do beginner aerobics to start with.

I have an eliptical machine that I purchased a few years ago before I developed FM and worked out on it every day until I could no longer handle the pain of being on my feet for any length of time. My hope is to lose enough weight that my FM doesn’t hurt so much and I’ll be able to get back on that eliptical because it is a low-impact exercise I want to be able to do again. Otherwise, doing housework is about all I can handle right now and on some days, even that is too much.


  • Get onto the elipitcal once again.
  • Be able to lift my arms over my shoulders.
  • Be able to turn a page of a book without pain.

Weather: light snowfall, cloudy

Mood: antsy, jittery

Sleep: 7hrs slept well

Physical: headache, heavy eyelids

Activities: light housekeeping & shopping – 583+cals

Total Calories Allowed: 2032cal

Total Calories Consumed: 1359cal


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