Day 7 – Weighing In

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So my first week is now behind me and I managed to lose a total of 4lbs in 7 days. I don’t put much excitement into this achievement mainly because this is a normal fluctuation for me. I will get excited when that weight stays off for more than a week and then I know it’s really gone.

I started out at 248.8lbs and am currently sitting at 245.4lbs which is a great thing. Yes, I do have a digital scale which helps me a lot and I prefer to see those slight differences showing up since I have “good” days, and I have “bad” days.

Hashimoto’s disease has been my life since my son was in kindergarten and I was forgetting to pick him up from school. I kept going to the doctor because I was forgetting everything and felt like I was literally going crazy. The doctor kept treating me for depression, bi-polar, manic depressive and many others. He had me seeing two phyciatrists of which only wanted to medicate me even more and then wanted to take away my children and put me into a mental institution. It wasn’t until I persisted on a weekly basis with my family doctor that he finally did a blood test for TSH levels. When the results came back, he referred me to an endocrinologist the very next day.

A week or so later, I found myself sitting under a machine testing my thyroid and found out I was in the later stages of the disease and my organs had started shutting down. My brain function was barely holding on, I had lost a lot of my long-term memory and a good chunk of short term memory was gone, and the specialist told me, at that time, that if I had waited another two months, I would have been dead.

So of course I freaked out. I was furious with my family doctor because I had been telling him for more than three years that I wasn’t depressed or suicidal but he wouldn’t listen and kept putting me on anti-depressants and the like. Needless to say, I eventually found another doctor to help me manage my health. I was placed on synthetic thyroid medications and over the course of the last 15+ years, I’ve at least stopped gaining weight and have recovered some of my short term memory loss. I still struggle with memory but not sure if I’ll ever regain my pre-thyroid mind back again. One advantage I have is that I can most definitely blame my forgetfulness on a man! LOL

After the diagnosis, I did my own research and found out that 7 out of 10 women over the age of 25 will develop a thyroid disorder and MOST women won’t know it and the doctors don’t routinely test for it. This is unacceptable with today’s medical knowledge about how this one little hormone factory controls the very core of our being. From menstruation cycles, energy levels and hunger pangs, mental functions, skin health, to metabolism. And everything in between. Our thyroid literally controls EVERYTHING in our bodies.

Today, I take the day off from cleaning and keeping busy. Today, I will try reward myself with idleness and relaxation for being persistent this week. I’ll need to rest up for the week ahead as it is an ongoing daily battle of the bulge. Every little victory is a victory none-the-less. I’m going to enjoy today no matter what. I deserve it.

Weather: cold, windy, cloudy

Mood: content, thoughtful

Sleep: 7hrs slept “hard” (really hard)

Physical: all over body aches and swollen

Activities: bare minimum

Total Calories Allowed: 2032cal

Total Calories Consumed: 1160cal


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