Day 6 – End of First Week

Posted by snuggles1968 on March 2nd, 2012 |Filed Under General | 1 Comment

As we draw closer to the end of my first week in changing my attitude to change my life, I have learned a few things about myself that I hadn’t previously known or realized.


  1. I am an evening muncher. After 8pm, I find myself with the urge to munch on just about anything. From the whole grain crackers to nuts and occasionally my peanut butter sandwich. It was more difficult to resist eating after 6pm than I had originally thought. (I notice there is a trend here…. it’s carb heavy)
  2. I like milk and all the products that go along with it. Even though I had cut out dairy a long time ago, I have realized I crave it like a mad dog from time to time.
  3. If I am being honest here & with myself, I have to admit that I am lonely. With all the changes in my life the past few years and the kids all grown up now *(22yrs & 20yrs old) I know I am no longer “needed” as I once was. I didn’t realize how much I’m in need of a friend and don’t actually have any in my life. I’ve been so busy with raising kids and taking care of a husband for so many years, I never stopped long enough to take stock of my own life and fulfil my own needs. Don’t get me wrong, I know lots of people, but I don’t have anyone close enough I could call that would actually want to do something with me, like get together for coffee and just chat, go to a movie etc. In fact, if I look back on my whole life, I have never had a friend I could do that with. Boy, I think I am a recluse and I don’t really like it too much.

How will I take these discoveries and change them into victories in the weeks ahead?

  1. I will continue to resist the urge to munch after 6pm and drink more water at night.
  2. I will continue to keep dairy products to a bare minimum.
  3. I am not sure how to go about finding actual friends to spend time with so this one will have to be a work in progress.

Weather: mild, overcast and drizzling

Mood: tired, cranky, bored

Sleep: 7hrs tossed n’ turned

Physical: achy but overall pretty good

Activities: light housekeeping – 233+ cals burned

Total Calories Allowed: 2032cal

Total Calories Consumed: 1883cal


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