Day 5 – My Dairy Dilemna

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I love milk. I love cheese. I love anything dairy for that matter. Whether cow, goat, or sheep; milk is just plain good.

Truth be told; milk doesn’t really like me.

It only takes a few ounces of store-bought milk for my stomach to go from a peaceful food processing genious into combustable, gaseous spasms and body-bending cramps. It doesn’t help in the battle of the bulge either. As much as I do NOT like being forced to buy my milk in the stores, I concede to this since my husband won’t allow me to keep a cow in our back yard. He won’t let me keep chickens in the back either for that matter. ( believe me, I’ve asked & we live in the city :-))

Since I developed FM (Fibromyalgia) just about 2 years ago now, I found that dairy contributes to swelling and pain so I eliminated all forms of dairy from my diet save for about 1/2 ounce or less in my coffee daily. And even this on some days is enough to send me running for the bathroom so I try to keep it to as little as possible. And occasionally I’ll splurge and have an all natural yogurt or even a bit of cheese if I feel like I need a reminder of how much I love the stuff but my body doesn’t. :->

I pretty much grew up on a farm and would drink the milk right from the cow, goat or sheep and we NEVER had any issues with bacteria or the like. It would go directly from the cow to the bucket to the jug to the table. In fact, once you picked out the hairs, it was pretty darn good! We made our own cheese, butter and cream; all from that amazing liquid. We never gave our cattle injections to make them produce more milk and we certainly didn’t feed them corn! The cows ate what they should be eating…. grass and hay. You never heard of dairy allergies when I was growing up because cows were still being allowed to live naturally at that time. Boy, I sure do miss those days.

Every once in a while I get the opportunity to go back to the farm and have real, untainted milk taken directly from the cow that morning and placed in a jug on the kitchen table. I love those days when I am able to do that but it doesn’t happen very often. This all-natural milk has never given me any intestinal trouble whatsoever. I think this speaks volumes for that store bought poison found in plastic bags or cartons. And did you also know that real milk (taken from a cow that hasn’t had any steroid or hormonal injections at all and has lived it’s entire life grazing in the fields and eating hay) makes the best yogurt, cheese, butter and paneer!?! It rivals nothing else one finds in a store.

I think I am missing milk today.

Weather: overcast and milky

Mood: silly and a little curdled

Sleep: 5hrs, just creamy

Physical: energetic, maybe a little bit aged

Activities: 5hrs shopping and running errands (milk envy) – 933+ cals burned

Total Calories Allowed: 2032cal

Total Calories Consumed: 1721cal


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