Day 3 – Woes of Caffeine and Sugar

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I usually have only 1 coffee a day when I get up in the mornings and only once in a while do I ever consume more than that. It’s inevitable that research indicates caffeine contributes to the pain and swelling of FM (what doesn’t?) however I would dispute the contribution of only one cup of coffee to the amount of pain and swelling I experience daily. I was normally a dedicated coca cola drinker and have even stopped drinking that completely in an effort to eliminate the symptoms of this dreaded pain.

I do not tend to like sweet things too much and I only have one teaspoon of sugar in my one coffee per day routine. Sugar is not a problem for me as far as losing weight is concerned. Where I faulter is in my love of international foods and spice. If someone were to offer me a choice between either a piece of cake or a spicy roti, I would most definitely opt for the roti in ALL circumstances. I do not like cookies, cakes, ice cream, chocolate bars and the like. I can pass up a dessert bar anyday.

So why do I weigh as much as I do you ask?… That question has been tossed around for years in our household. My family accuses me of never eating enough and I feel I eat too much. I track every morsel I consume yet I continually gain weight. I use “Lose It” on my IPod and enter my values every day. I weigh myself daily to track fluctuations in weight. I am always concious of portion sizes and nutritional values in everything I eat. My average caloric intake is between 1500 – 1700 calories a day. I very rarely go over 2000 calories unless we go out for a buffet meal. I don’t think I’m a big carb addict but know I do love rice dishes when I have the opportunity to eat them.

Okay, so where are my weak points? I know I tend to go to the fridge several times throughout the day and look. I noticed this a lot lately where I’d just stand there and stare at what was in there thinking… “what could I grab?” or, “what can I make?”…  A lot of times, I don’t grab anything but if I do, I tend to go for the raw veggies or leftovers (if there’s anything left after my son gets through with them!) Oh and I love crunchy peanut butter sandwiches with various accompaniments. Toppings could include, cheese, banana, jam, jelly or chocolate spread and I ONLY ever eat this sandwich at bedtime. It’s almost like a bedtime snack, only better.

So today, I tried to be good. I ate oatmeal with apple and cinnamon (not prepackaged!) for breakfast/lunch then for dinner I had grilled steaktails with baked potato. I also had a cucumber and tomato salad.

Weather: Cool and sunny

Mood: upbeat and content

Sleep: 6hrs rested

Physical: hands swollen and stiff joints

Activity: housecleaning – 4+ hrs = 948 cal burned

Total Calories Allowed: 2057cal

Total Calories Consumed: 1270cal


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