My First Day

Posted by snuggles1968 on February 26th, 2012 |Filed Under Emotions | 4 Comments

We all know how hard it is to lose weight. We struggle with it every day for the bulk of our lives. From the time we are reminded at the dinner table to clean our plates to the last moment when we are encouraged to “try to eat a little something” before we are wheeled into our nursing home beds at the end of a very long and lonely day.

I wasn’t always fat, but I have always struggled with my weight and how I viewed myself. Now I find myself at the young age of 44 overweight and in poor health. I struggle daily with fibromyalgia, swelling, low self-esteem and on the edge of depression which add to my never-ending battle with the bulge. Unable to exercise or walk any distance at all, I am forced to look online for help. I search the infite web for clues that will unlock this pandora’s box I have found myself in. A diet that would help me lose weight and literally get me back on my feet once again.

So here I am. Day 1 and looking for answers. I stumbled upon 3fatchicks on a diet and figure I’ll at least start there and go from here. I used to journal daily before I found myself at the bottom of a bowl of cereal gasping for breath because I just ate way too much. I felt guilty and stopped exploring my soul for the reasons for my inability to stop eating to bury my emotions.

So if you are reading this and find a little bit of yourself in my struggle, I ask that you be kind in your judgements and gentle in your comments. I too, will do the same.

Today, I decided to stop eating after 6pm. Just water until morning. Wish me luck!


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