Day 1.5.2

So, I’ve stumbled back onto and am hoping to be able to stick with it this time. Hopefully.

Over the past year I have gone through some major changes, graduating college, nearly moving halfway across the states, nearly moving to Seattle, finally finding a job, etc. With these changes my weight fluctuated an insane amount an in very unhealthy ways. Living on a strict budget when one does not have a job definitely hinders foods that you can buy, especially if you frequently don’t have access to a place to cook.

At one point I was nearly back into a size 16, somewhere around the 200 pound mark. However, I can honestly say I am glad that I am back up to 262 because at least I AM eating. Yes, it was great to be dropping pounds and fighting to keep my pants up but deep inside I knew that it wasn’t healthy for me to be this way, eating roughly one meal a day and sometimes a bagel.

Needless to say, I’m starting over. Again. And this time I am sticking to it. No really, I am. I woke up this morning (before eleven even) and took the dogs for a walk. It was going to be a short jaunt around the small park which turned into a lap around the complex, which turned into almost two full laps. I had to stop because Heather, the elder of our Westies, was going to have a heart attack.

I came back to the house and had my lazy breakfast, Carnation instant breakfast powder and skim milk. Some breakfast is better than no breakfast.

Challenges that face me are going to be pretty difficult. I’m working for Amazon, the online retailer, and I am pretty locked in. There are about seven vending machines in the break room, all staring at me saying “EAT ME” and I have to learn to say no while walking past to the refrigerators and my foods I’ve brought with me.
Here is to day 1.5.2.

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