Long Time Coming…

Yes, so it has been forever since I’ve written. I’ve had so much going on at work that I literally haven’t had a second to spare.  I do have nothing but good news to report though.  Not sure what my current weight is but I feel better, lighter and I actually looked in the mirror today and somewhat liked what I seen.  I am still doing Zumba but now, Aaron has me running suicides and duck walks with him.  We are doing this so I can kind of ease myself into running….ease…not really the word you’d think of when it comes to suicides, but it works.  Trust me, they suck and if I could figure out a different way of doing it…maybe I would…maybe I wouldn’t…I don’t know.  All I know is that I love having him as my very own personal trainer.  He probably motivates me and pushes me more than anyone else would and in a way that I can handle.  He knows when I’ve pushed myself far beyond what I should.  Maybe I’m just on Cloud 9 with him or head over heels in love and that’s why I feel this way, but either way, I wouldn’t change our workouts together.  Meanwhile, he’s finally jumped on the diet boat with me 🙂  Now we are both watching our calorie, sugar, and sodium intake.  He is also trying to stay away from junk food so it’s really great to have the support at home also.  I’ve been doing really well with my eating.  I bring 2-3 bottles of water with me to work every day and when I’m at home we use these flavor packets that have all of 10 calories that are mainly from carbs.  No sugar, no fat. Just deliciousness.  At some point, Stacey and I are going to start waking up at 630 AM and start running at the gym.  We’ve been attempting this for a week…lol.  Well, I pretty much don’t have so much to say now about what’s going on.


Oh..please continue to keep Baby Ryan in your prayers.  He has to go back to MUSC for surgery because he can’t hold anything down.  He has been doing so well and I know that if we just keep up the prayers that he will come out of this so much stronger. Thanks a ton.



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