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Day One ~ Must learn either…


It is always somewhat easier to not eat unhealthy when the hubby is at home. He is all about me not eating fatting foods. He will make fun of me about my goal to lose my weight; claiming that at the rate that I am going, I will never lose it! 🙁 Very negative ~ but he does tell the truth, because I have said time and time again that I plan on losing weight and I never pull through. Unfortunately he sees this and rubs it in my face.

When we were dating, the first time I mentioned losing weight, he was very supportive, helpful, and sweet about it. But after failing, once, twice, thrice,…he doesn’t believe in me anymore.

Sometimes I wonder if I even believe in myself? —

I am bad. I break my own rules. I binge on junk food. I am uncontrollable.

When I was at work, I would wander into the Duane Reade (pharmacy) right outside, or the downstairs little coffee shop, and buy —- sweets! I am a sweets fanatic. I will definitely choose a donut over a bag of chips.

I get off my bus and I instantly crave: Glazed bow tie donut or Humungo cinnamon bun from Duane Reade.

I will go downstairs and purchase the packaged gourmet coffee cake.

I love chocolate.

I must learn either to HATE or learn to CONTROL/have WILLPOWER, to not give in.

I am still on maternity leave, but it will be hard when I return to work as, there are temptations always around the corner!

I know that once in a while a treat is okay, but I will not be able to control that, I will want more more more.

I cannot give myself that one “treat”.

I was reading that we should always reward ourselves, but not with food, GOOD IDEA!! Because I was always the type to want to reward myself with food.

I wish I could see what type of progress I was making. As soon as I purchase a scale, I will put daily weight-ins.

I know some people only believe in weight-ins once a week, I like the daily. I will not get crazy over fluctuations but I will see my fluctuations at least, my lows and highs of the week, that’s fine with me.

Anyways today I did okay I guess, his mom made delicious wontons (not the type you get at the Chinese Restaurant) this kind has green leafy veggies, pork, and shrimp in it. But she gave me too much and I had to eat it all because they will just throw it out and she tends to think I don’t like it if I don’t eat it all, SO I am not that hungry for dinner and will most likely just have some soup with meat.

Hope I am losing weight, I have no concept at all, my hubby can’t tell and I want my scale now!!!! lol

– J

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By shrinkzilla
On February 4, 2012
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susana Says:

I so identify with you! I binged by whole life, but stopped doing it and now I am on track. To stop eating junk I lowered my carb intake and my craving practically disappeared. Our taste buds crave for the kind of food that we give them, so now that I don’t eat sweets I don’t want to eat sweets. You just have to get started and things will get easier day by day. The beginning is really hard, but then it gets better! About you husband, I would advice you not to share your hopes with him that much. If you don’t speak about dieting, he won’t know you are worrying about it. Just eat your food, weigh once a week –daily is too often, and weigh swings will discourage you– and exercise. It is you and your food, not you, your husband and your food… Partners tend to boicot diets. Read the forums on all this… There is a lot of good advice there! Good luck!

journey2skinny Says:

Girl I definately believe that we can all do this and be successful! And I feel for you because my hubby is somewhat the same way. As much as I hate to admit to it! lol

Weightloss is just an activity that this saying “nobody is perfect” is so appropriate. I told myself when I first started, that I’m not aiming for perfection, but for consistency.

You seem to know what it takes to reach your goal and that’s something to be proud of! 3fc is such an awesome site for motivation and support! I may not find it at home, but I sure have abundance here

So don’t be a stranger! Let’s support each other and prove to those peeps wrong 🙂

loladark Says:

Aw honey, I know it’s not easy! You’ll get there! Willpower is my biggest enemy too!

shrinkzilla Says:

Thank you all!! Let’s do this together and stay on track!! 🙂


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