Reality. I’m fat.

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13 Oct, 2015

I’m back, bitches.

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Today was a rather eye opening day. Not because I learned something new about myself or the world or even about the purpose I serve in it but because I decided to start my journal again. As I sit here and look through my posts from nearly 4 years ago, I see how much, or […]

28 Dec, 2013

Trying to not lose myself

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I really have not kept up with this journal very much. I do believe it will be helpful in keeping me to my goals so the reasons to why I haven’t posted will really seem lame in comparison to the excuses I could come up with for not. I have been working quite a bit […]

29 Nov, 2013

What’s wrong with me? Oh yea. I’m fat.

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It has been so long since I have posted anything. I am dealing with a lot of fears right now about what I have done wrong and what is going right. I have finished my bachelors degree and I have begun another one—a more intense program. Nursing school. Enough said? For those who have ever […]

19 Dec, 2010

Update: Off Plan

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Oiy!  I am slowly slipping away from my plan and it’s really getting to me. I was hoping to be close to 50 lbs down by my birthday but I guess I’ll have to settle for a new decade by then. I am going back to South Beach. I got my appetite back by going […]

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  • Saathi: Sure im writing lil bit too late....actually, u may be fine by now, but still i wanted to say something about the things u'd written here. First of al
  • shellydeflores: Oh and weight has hit a new low. 252.6. Although today is Thanksgiving so we'll see how long that laster.
  • shellydeflores: Oh and FYI-i'm on my period so I am not daring to weigh. EFFF that. I don't need the heart ache right now.