Reality. I’m fat.

My Relationship with Food

We all have struggles within ourselves that range from the weird to incurable. I don’t judge. I created this blog as a means for those to express the weird things we do with our struggle and obsessive relationship with food. I am embarrassed of some of the things I do and I’m sure you are embarrassed of some of the things you do all in the name of what?  F-O-O-D, food.

I want you to tell me what you do, how do you do it, and why. If you don’t know why, then tell me why you think you don’t know why. Tell me your history with food. Tell me what you’ve learned from your history with food. Tell me the secrets you keep deep down inside about food. Your love/hate relationship with food always has its secrets.

You don’t know me. So lets put our trust in the fact that you don’t have to face me and you don’t have to fear my rejection of your abusive relationship with Food.  The more I share and stop hiding my weird abusive relationship with Food, maybe it will become easier to just say no.

I want to be here for you. I want you to read my stories and thoughts and laugh with me-laugh at me. I want you to cry with me and for me. I want you to relate to me. I want to relate to you.

My name is Shelly, and I in a weird, obsessive and abusive relationship with Food.

What about you?

September 2020
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  • Saathi: Sure im writing lil bit too late....actually, u may be fine by now, but still i wanted to say something about the things u'd written here. First of al
  • shellydeflores: Oh and weight has hit a new low. 252.6. Although today is Thanksgiving so we'll see how long that laster.
  • shellydeflores: Oh and FYI-i'm on my period so I am not daring to weigh. EFFF that. I don't need the heart ache right now.