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23 Jul, 2010

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So I haven’t really been keeping up with my food journal. My period is really driving me crazy. The cramps keep coming and I’ve discovered something that doctors and health professionals have been telling us for years. EXERCISE IF GOOD FOR PERIOD CRAMPS!!  Wow, what a revelation. Everytime I go to the gym..I don’t really want to go because of my moodiness and cramps but once I’m in there and moving and sweating and jamming to my Alanis Morisette I feel so much better. I don’t know if it’s because they have gone away or if it is me just forgetting about them. It’s amazing. Of course I work out at night because it is cooler and by the time I am done I go straight to bed in a sweat mess. When I wake up though the cramps are right back until I go to the gym again that night! It’s a weird circle but it keeps me going to the gym! I was suppose to go last night and I didn’t. Then I told myself I would go this morning and I didn’t. Instead I went grocery shopping. LOL what a trade. By the way. I didn’t really have anything for breakfast unless I wanted to make a whole meal and I just wasn’t feeling all that hungry. By the time I got to the grocery store though…I was hungry…and my cart showed it. I picked up bacon for some reason. I think while I was looking at it my justification was, “If I cut the package in half then I can have two slices of bacon=1 slice=45 calories”.  I don’t know what I was thinking. I also left with a crap load of yogurt and sugar free pudding. That is a lot better with what I use to leave with!  haha. I made myself a wonderrrrful breakfast, all for under 500 calories. I am very proud. I was depriving myself of the delicious breakfast foods because I kept thinking a tasty, indulgent breakfast would be my whole days calories. I had a raw tortilla (that I cooked, less calories), 2 eggs, a sprinkle of cheese, salsa, 2 slices of peppered bacon. Lets see….since I didn’t write down this in my journal I’ll have to do it here so I remember later what all I had today.


180- raw tortilla (cooked in pan)

90-2 slices peppered bacon

140-2 eggs

25-cheese and salsa



(w/ Melissa at Sweet Tomatoes)

~150-small salad (lettuce, noodles, sunflower seeds, fat free ranch, beets

150- 2 slices of faccacia pizza-cheese peeled off-w/ onion and pineapple

60-1 small apple

90-half diet/half regular coke (I haven’t had this in a long time and I needed to burp, afterall I’m on my period)



Made my chicken casserole! Have been craving it for-EVER.

210-2 oz. yokeless egg noodles

180-3 oz. chicken with pepper

40-2 TBS Healthy request cream of chicken

5-1/4 c. mixed vegetables

Side salad

15-Lettuce mix

100-w/ some of the chicken

60-light ranch


I had a couple snacks:

15-3 oz. of babycorn

170-popcorn mini bag

60-1 c cherries

30-1/2 c. white grapes



Well thats 270 over my day but I guess I could have done a lot worse. I guess thats what I get for not writing everything down as I go! I  need to get my butt to the gym tonight!

I’m really running behind on my 40 in 4 goal. I still am only down 14 lbs since last year. I have 26 more lbs to go in 12 weeks. thats what…a little over 2 lbs a week. Yesterday’s weighin was up two lbs (275). I’m hoping that is because of my period. We’ll find out next Thursday I guess. I am going to try to do an hour at the gym 4-5 days a week. So far this week I have gone Sunday and Wednesday. Wow, I need to get on that. Well I am going tonight and tomorrow…so there’s 4. Will need to also look into a seperate pair of treadmill shoes. Good lord. My easytones make my feet go numb.


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1 | jigglybits

July 23rd, 2010 at 10:20 pm


Fellow PCOSer here. You seem to be on track so keep it up & Good luck with you goals 🙂

2 | rikki

July 31st, 2010 at 9:05 am


I totally have terrible cramps too that time of the month, for the first day or so anyway…
I also love Alanis 🙂
I got here through the sbd thread! Hope you’re doing well- always looking for bloggin buddies!

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  • shellydeflores: Oh and FYI-i'm on my period so I am not daring to weigh. EFFF that. I don't need the heart ache right now.