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06 Jul, 2010

New diet plan beginning tomorrow…

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I know I know. Crash diets are not the way to go. I feel a bit obligated to try this though and I have slipped in to desperation mode. This new diet is the Fat Smash Diet by Dr. Ian “delicious pants” Smith-the guy from Celebrity Fit Club. Anyway, I guess his book has been aroundd for awhile. I read a few reviews on it and even 3FC has a forum for it with recipes and everything. Most people had good results. The diet makes sense, one of the major reasons I am giving it a shot. The only thing I am wary of is the detox. I had great results with the last detox but I think it was one of the major reasons I am stalled right now. The detox for the Smash Diet is basically all fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also eat yogurt, rice, beans and a certain amount of milk. You do this for nine days. The best part about it though-no calorie counting!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not tired of calorie counting yet but I have been moving my journal around from bag to bag so I never have it on me at work. Now I have a million little post-it notes with what I have eaten that day stuck to the inside of my wallet! Dr. Smith explains that you still need to exercise and his weight loss plan is not meant to be for someone looking to get a quick fix with the work put in to it. He really wants you to eat right, clean your body of all the disgusting shit we have done to it and EXERCISE! You can’t lose weight without exercise-thats just a FACT. Something I should remind myself of when my lazy ass wants to sit down in front of the TV after work! You are, of course, suppose to lose a few lbs the first 9 days (up to 9 if I remember right). I don’t think I will lose that much because I have already been eating healthily. I think the people who lose the most weight the first nine days are people who began this diet straight from eating crap food or too much. I’m not expecting too much of a weight loss but at least to rid me of my carb cravings again. I am doing well on my own but after my carb binge last Wednesday I decided drastic measures were in order. Carb Binge? See Below:

Carb Binge: Went to Costco right after work to get my gym membership. I had decided to do it, I’m gonna do it! It was one of those days where I was rearin’ to go and nothing was gonna slow me down. I was moving quickly, talking fast, and shaking like a heroin addict coming down. I needed something to eat ASAP!  I picked up a friend of mine from a doctor’s appt and we went in together. She is one of those you don’t want to take with you when you are in a hurry at Costco. She looks at everything…from the front of the store to the back on oe side and then the back of the store to the front on the other side…’s aweful. I’m very much in and out kinda girl (for a girl- crazy right?). Anyway I decided I was shaking too much and I needed something to eat, NOW! I found the little old grumpy ladies with the samples carts. I took two shotglasses of flavored popcorn, a shot glass of cranberry juice, a slice of cheese cracker, a chunk of a protein bar and I then grabbed a box of my beloved fruit leathers (which were on display in the front. I then proceed to rip open the box and eat about three of them. (Wrappers were still lying in the cart when we left) I then got cash back, which is never a good idea, went in to the restaurant line and got myself a small soda (half diet and half regular coke) and a chicken bake. If you don’t know what a chicken bake is, it is pretty much the most amazing thing ever. It’s like a chicken burrito but the outside is this amazing soft/chewy cheesy bread and the inside if chicken, bacon pieces and some type of fatty dressing. It is mostly bread though and about 12 inches long (wish more things were). I told myself in line, I’ll only eat half, I’l only eat half..Christina likes them too maybe she’ll eat the other half and I won’t worry about it. Yea, that’ll be how it goes.  So we get in to the car, I rip of the foil and bit in to that sucker like it was made by the Gods. I handed it to Christina, thinking she would take  few bites while I put my seat belt on and throw it in Reverse, but she took one small tiny itty bitty bite (which I made fun of, of course). I scarfed down a couple more bites in order to keep my dignity somewhat intact. I drove her home with the rest of it wrapped back up in it’s foil. I dropped her off, said hello to the baby, gave her hugs and kisses and then made an excuse about leaving…having to do homework I think is what I said. I did in fact need to do homework but I really just wanted to go back to my sinful, delicious, steaming hot chicken bake! I basically ran down the drive way, tripping over the tiniest chihuahua of all time and got to my car. Just as I was going to pull the handle I hear “Hey Micho, hold up, I gotta get my stuff from the trunk. Jimmy, get your ass up and go get the stuff from the trunk.”  OMG! In my head I’m thinking, oh please Jimmy let this be the day where you get off your ass and do something with a quickness for once! About 3 minutes later, which to a fat girl on a carb binge is forever, he picked up the stuff and I was able to finally get in my car. I could smell it, my mouth was watering and my cheeks were tingling- omg it was like having an orgasm in the mouth. I FLEW down the street to get out of good visual distance and I ripped that foil off so fast I still don’t know where it is. I dug my face in to that thing and finished it in probably 3 bites. I usually thow the end piece away because it’s nothing but bread-no sauce or chicken-but this time I ate it. Anyway-serious moment of weakeness on my part.


Back to the smash diet. I was suppose to go shopping for the fruits and veggies today but I got busy so I’ll have to do it tomorrow morning. Thank the Lord I took Tuesday off. I sooooo needed this four day weekend- which went by extremely fast.  I have my gyno appt tomorrow. I am going to ask her more details on PCOS and how to lose weight. Also need to get my annual Pap. Kind of afraid to get bad news back from it. Just have a feeling. Anyway, start the detox tomorrow. Will have to keep close eye on this one and watch any progressions or digressions.

3 Responses to "New diet plan beginning tomorrow…"

1 | susan

July 6th, 2010 at 4:33 am


I just finished reading your whole blog and I think you write very honestly. Keep up the good work, both in your writing and “saying no”. 🙂

2 | losingit2010

July 6th, 2010 at 4:57 am


All I have to say is DAMN GIRL!.. At least you can see what is going on and blog about it, when I used to carb binge I couldn’t remember anything much less blog about it. One think about the counting calories and sticky notes, if you have a cell phone with a notepad in the menu how about using that instead.

Good luck with your day and keep your chin up!

3 | Amanda

July 7th, 2010 at 4:45 pm


Those chicken bakes are INSANE. 900+ calories each.

If you’re hungry at Costco, they do have a chicken caesar salad…with the dressing on the side and used sparingly, it’s way less catastrophic.

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