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31 Jul, 2010

Time to revamp the diet strategy…

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Post from 280’s Ladies Thread: So my weight loss buddy and I have been discussing changing up our routine as we just aren’t losing the weight in the strategy I came up with (calorie deficits) and it is very frustrating. She loses weight easier than I do and I hate to say this but I […]

23 Jul, 2010

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So I haven’t really been keeping up with my food journal. My period is really driving me crazy. The cramps keep coming and I’ve discovered something that doctors and health professionals have been telling us for years. EXERCISE IF GOOD FOR PERIOD CRAMPS!!  Wow, what a revelation. Everytime I go to the gym..I don’t really […]

21 Jul, 2010

Its back…the crimson wave.

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I almost forgot how horrible my monthly period is. I am not even done with my first pack of birth control and I am already spotting and the cramps…oh the cramps. Good Lord! I feel like a giant booger that was laying in the sun all day in an Arizona Summer.   Anyway, to catch […]

10 Jul, 2010

Constant Reminder in my Head

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So I’ve been okay the last couple of days. The heat is really making me lose my appetite which I guess I can construe as a good thing. Everytime I update my weight loss tracker I think wow, I am 14 lbs lighter than my heaviest weight- 287 a year ago. Thats pretty awesome and […]

09 Jul, 2010

All this excitement in one night!

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I haven’t been able to get down below 275 is like 3 weeks! Well yesterday was Breanna and I’s weigh in- down to 274, finally. Well I weighed in this morning and I was actually at 273.6! Wow! FINALLY!  Good grief. I thought I would be stuck forever. I had dinner with a friend tonight […]

06 Jul, 2010

Another Binge-First Day Fail

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So today was suppose to be the first day of my detox for the Smash diet. I didn’t do that very well. I went grocery shopping this morning and bought a whole cart full of fruits and veggies. I cut up a full watermelon and a pineapple…thats about all that I am excited about. They […]

06 Jul, 2010

New diet plan beginning tomorrow…

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I know I know. Crash diets are not the way to go. I feel a bit obligated to try this though and I have slipped in to desperation mode. This new diet is the Fat Smash Diet by Dr. Ian “delicious pants” Smith-the guy from Celebrity Fit Club. Anyway, I guess his book has been […]

01 Jul, 2010

Second Thoughts on Plan

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Well I had posted yesterday that I was thinking of doing 100 lbs in 10 months. It osunds o easy, 10 lbs a month will get me 100 lbs lighter by April 30th, right??  Ugh.  Well my thoughts are that I have always had some sort of a plan…lose 10 lbs by more birthdy or […]

  • Saathi: Sure im writing lil bit too late....actually, u may be fine by now, but still i wanted to say something about the things u'd written here. First of al
  • shellydeflores: Oh and weight has hit a new low. 252.6. Although today is Thanksgiving so we'll see how long that laster.
  • shellydeflores: Oh and FYI-i'm on my period so I am not daring to weigh. EFFF that. I don't need the heart ache right now.