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Valentines day – 260 or bust.


Daily goals:

145 oz water


1800 kcal

miss no meals

10,000 steps

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Well, that was a bit rough; back up to 274.4, actually the highest ever. ¬†ūüôĀ ¬†But, getting back into the swing of things; started a 5 lb challenge last monday, and finished it this Monday. ¬†Started a new one and hopefully it will be the start of a positive trend.

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And I’m right back to where I was, weight wise. ¬†Still exercising 3-4 days a week, still powerlifting, but apparently my diet is so out of control that I can’t keep up with it.

So no long term goals: just baby steps at a time. ¬†Lose 5 lbs. ¬†I’ll weigh in tomorrow, and plan out my food for the next 3 days, as well as my families. ¬†Low carb, as that is all that seems to work for me. ¬†I have this.

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Well, somewhat as usual, I’m no where near where I want to be on my weight loss goals; however, something else is different. ¬†I’ve been a committed exerciser since september, and although I’m no where near the 200# I was hoping for, I do fit the size range I was hoping to. Most of my clothes are 18’s, and I can even pry into some 16’s. ¬†I just still weigh 238#. ¬†So I’m going to keep working on that parthallenge 1: New Years Day to Valentine‚Äôs Day (January 1st to February 14th)

There is a challenge list on the forum, looking to start in a week; I am going to jump into the third challenge and set goals from there.
Challenge 3: April Fools Day until Mother’s Day (April 1st to May 10th) – Weight 230#
Challenge 4: Mother’s Day until Independence Day (May 10th to July 4th) – Weight 220#
Challenge 5: Independence Day to Labor Day (July 4th to September 7th) – Weight 210#
Challenge 6: Labor Day to Columbus Day (September 7th to October 12th) Weight 205#
Challenge 7: Columbus Day until Thanksgiving Day (October 12th to November 26th) Weight 200#
Challenge 8: Thanksgiving Day to New Years Eve (November 26th to December 31st) Weight 195#

Onederland by christmas? ¬†I’m down with that. ¬†Overall I’m looking to get my bodyweight to meet my muscle improvements, so I can do Pull Ups. ¬†Thats a good christmas goal.

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New start, and all that; no need to belabor the obvious that previous starts didn’t work. ¬†I’m not motivated, just committed this time. ¬† Non negotiable. ¬†Mistakes will happen, just move on from errors, and back to true asap.

Exercise: Daily – reach fit band goal of 2000 Fuel points/10,000 steps

Sept 2-14 – walk 2.1 miles every weekday

Sept 15-20 – walk 2.1 mile/add in core exercises

Sept 21-27 – begin c25k


Labor Day Sept 1-Starting weight 261.3 (size 24 comfortably/size 22 tightly)

September equinox  Sept 23 Р245

Columbus Day – Oct 13-231

Halloween Oct 31- 227 (size 22 comfortably )

Thanksgiving Nov 22-222(size 22 comfortably-squeezing into 20’s)

Christmas Dec 25th – 219 (size 20 comfortably)

Martin Luther king Jan 19 – 212(size 20 comfortably/tight 18’s)

Valentines Feb 14th – 208(size 18 comfortably)

St. Pattys march 17th -200(size 18 comfortably/some tight 16’s)

Easter April 5th – 195(size 16 comfortably)

Mother’s Day May 10 – 188 (size 16 Comfortably

Memorial day May 25 – 185(size 16 comfortably/some tight 14’s)

July 4th – 175(size 14 tight/comfortably)

Labor Day sept 7 – 164(size 14 comfortably/some tight 12s)

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