Well, lil man is still running a fever, so here I am home with him again today. My boss, our new CFO, just started yesterday. I am sure it looks lovely that I miss his first two days. eek! Being a mom and having a career is a constant balancing act, isn’t it? Normally I like staying home with a sick kid; I get to cuddle with them and also get my homework done, but I am done for the semester and I get bored with kid movies. I read a whole book yesterday, cleaned up the house, paid my dues to the treadmill, took him to the dr, picked up the other 2, checked the mail and mailed a package, made dinner and even did some laundry. What am I going to do today?! I guess I need to unpack a little still from my trip and reorganize the drawers in my bedroom. Maybe a little more laundry and some time on the treadmill? I run this ship too tightly if I can’t find anything to do! haha

My weight is stuck where it was yesterday, but that is still 4 pounds down from last Thursday, so whatev. The goal is to make it move in the morning. I snacked too much last night. It was a healthy snack (kashi crackers and baba ganoosh… how do you spell that?!) but again, not really needed. I was up late reading.

Breakfast: oatmeal with 1/2 banana and blueberries, nf latte (homemade again, and not so bad, if I do say so myself!)
Snack: piece of toast with pb and 1/2 banana
Lunch: cottage cheese, turkey sammy (same as yesterday but with only a smidge of avocado) and almost 1/2 an orange
Snack: some trail mix (pumpkin & sunflower seeds, raisins, dark chocolate chips) AND a chocolate covered banana
Dinner: veggie burger w/ a dab of avocado, lettuce, dijon, and some grapes and broccoli.


Also, it is 7pm and no exercise yet. I am PMS-y and I don’t wanna do anything but read and see what happens to Sookie next. haha I am such a winner 🙂