Weekends are always a tough one for me. Really, anything without structure is difficult for me. I am a routine girl. Let’s see if I remember what I ate yesterday.

Breakfast- blueberry special k with 1/2 banana and a latte (nf)

Lunch-a breakfast buffet! (it was a date day with my middle son who is in dire need of attention according to his behavior at school. ugh) 1.5 biscuits with small amount of gravy, a few bites of a french toast slice, 1/4 waffle with blueberries, and a small amount of scrambled eggs.

Dinner- another buffet, only of my own creation. It was game night! We had hummus and celery, carrots, cheese and crackers, cashews, grapes, apples, oranges… I think that’s it. I did pretty good at eating reasonable portions.

Snack- lemon ginger tea that I brought home from London. I. LOVE. London. LOVED it!

We hit up the library yesterday because it is STILL raining (gonna rain all day today, too) and then I had a date with my middle son. We bought him some new clothes and a new toy. He also picked a new toy up for his little brother. He’s so thoughtful 🙂 No formal exercise, though. I was just busy busy and a tad lazy, too!

Today we are going to the movies, so I need to make sure I do not snack on anything bad there. I will take a bag of celery to chew on. I am down almost 7 pounds from the dr visit on Thursday (I know a lot of this was swelling from my trip… I just got back from a 2 week jaunt in Europe), and that is totally motivating. I am only 8 pounds heavier than when I left California to move to Japan. If I can get back to there in the next month I will die from excitement. Literally.

Food today:
Breakfast- some faux eggs, scrambled (the eggs here are ick so I bought some in a carton… I can’t remember what they are called, but they were actually pretty good) and two slices of light wheat bread with all fruit jam. Oh, and about 4 oz of OJ and a latte!! YUM.

Lunch- english muffin pizza (3 halves of English muffins, tiny bit of mozzarella, pizza sauce, black olives and low fat yogurt with some blueberries and a sprinkle of granola

Dinner- I am making split pea soup, but it is taking WAY too long and I am hungry! So, I may transfer it to the stove soon. I still haven’t gotten on the treadmill, so I might do that and just try to forget I am so snacky! UPDATE: switched it to the stove and it turned out delish! I ate a pretty large portion with a few wheat thins (out to get the boys to eat their soup… they’ll eat anything dipped with wheat thins.) and then for a snack later ate a few cheeze-its.

Okay Brandie, you have set the bar for me. I will tackle the Insanity videos, but honestly… I am so not in shape right now. I am setting myself a date of June 1 to start them. If I consistently use the treadmill between now and then I should be okay. Well, as okay as you can get when you are doing Insanity! ha. That being said, I will aim for at least 3 miles on the treadmill tonight. Promise 🙂

UPDATE Exercise: a little over 2.5miles in 45 minutes on the treadmill while I was learning Japanese. I have a new learning program that is audio only. Pretty awesome! 🙂 I would have done the whole three miles, but the soup boiled over. Always something…

We are off to watch one of my favs, The Wizard of Oz! I am really wanting to watch it since I saw Wicked in London. LOVE it! Hope all you chickies are having a great weekend!!