Week 3 weigh in

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And… down 2 more pounds! I can’t even believe it. I am doing nothing but eating healthy and walking. It seems too easy. I keep having to fight the urge to run or to weight train. I feel like I should be doing more, but really, if this is how my body responds then I’ll stick with it. It’s just hard to break old habits. I took yesterday off from exercise all together, but still met my calories burned target and my physical activity target. The only one I didn’t hit was the step target, and I got in almost 7000 steps so it’s not like I didn’t move all day. We went to the mall and the saleslady at the Bobbi Brown counter was apparently too involved in a conversation to help me (she really looked at me and held up her finger, telling me to wait a minute) and that put me in a bad mood. I just left. And then I couldn’t find dishes I liked, except expensive Fiestaware and I am not willing to invest in that just yet since the 4 year old occasionally THROWS his plate/bowl in the sink still. Really I think I was just mad about snotty chick still and not open minded. So I skipped the nightly walk to snuggle up to some good A&E, Intervention and Obsessed, and can you say rerun?! UGH. I tried to wait up for obsessed and I couldn’t make it. I need a dvr.

I took a long walk today to make up for yesterday, and I am about to leave to go run a few errands. Hopefully I will be back by lunch time, as yesterday was torturous. If it warms up I am going to surprise the boys with an afternoon swim =]

Have a great day, chickies!

B: oatmeal, brown sugar, blueberries and a hardboiled egg
S: yogurt, watermelon, pineapple
L: Amy’s black bean and corn enchiladas, honeydew, pineapple
S:copious amounts of chips and guac (gag)
D: blueberry pancakes (the lower cal/fat kind)
water: lots

exercise: hour long walk AM, almost hour long PM

Day 21

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It’s actually nice to not think of a title every day. I guess it really is the little things…

Today has been crazy, busy, hectic, and to top it off I am so tired! I could not fall asleep last night. I had to go to the Naval hospital and get immunizations and pick up the boys signed oversea’s screenings. I decided to pick up the boys paperwork first since I knew after a tetanus shot I wouldn’t want to hang out in pediatrics waiting. Well, they lost them. And it took an hour of running from dept to dept to find them. And? They were filed in the wrong place. UGH. So then off to my shots and now my deltoid hurts and I have a weird mark on my forearm from my tuberculosis test, too. The boys wanted to take me to get donuts to make me feel better! So cute. I, however, restrained because I was thinking about how good I felt the other night when I slipped on that sexy little black dress. I want to only put good stuff in my body! After, I had to go pay for hubby’s car registration (which was LATE and he just gave me the notice… grrrrrrrr) and then to get an updated base decal. What does that mean? LONG lines. So it is now almost 1 in the afternoon, we are all starving, and I need to hurry to make it to the farmers market. I ate a protein bar I had stashed and went through the McD’s drive thru for the men. I made it through the shopping and came home to make a sandwich with yogurt, a kiwi, and banana. I ate more than normal, but it was healthy and I know it was because I was starving. I’m proud I skipped the fast food again. I’m feeling a little smug 🙂 So now everything is chopped and clean and I am waiting for the hubbs to get home so we can run errands together. I saw some dishes at the mall I want his opinion on. I’m sure we’ll eat dinner out, but I am determined to make the best choice possible. Tomorrow is weigh in day, so my scale will finally appear again, hopefully!

B: oatmeal, brown sugar, blueberries and a hard boiled egg
S: snickers energy bar
L: pb&honey sammy, banana, kiwi, yogurt
S: 250g watermelon
D: footlong sub. seriously. it was good! I skipped the cheese and mayo, so that cancels out eating the other 6 inches =]
S: tea & biscotti
water: I need more! probably about a liter so far
exercise: yeah, about that…

Day 20

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I want to weigh myself. Seriously, I almost bought a book on addiction today. I’m sure I could relate it to my dependance on the approval of the mighty scale. I have noticed that without it I am feeling better about myself and noticing other things… like my arms are getting much more toned and less like wings. Maybe no scale is a good thing…

We were going to garage sale again today, but decided we didn’t care enough! We’ll Goodwill the rest of it. With hubby’s bonus (yes, he is actually going to get it, YAY!) we’ll need the extra deduction for our taxes anyway. And of course it feels good to donate things 🙂

We took a long walk this morning, and we’ll take another tonight as part of a deal I made with the hubbs who wants to have a lazy day and read. I needed a starbucks and a new book so we went to B&N and got both, plus there was a Ross right across the street and hubsy needed more walking shorts so I stopped in and got cheapo Nike shorts. Cheap makes me happy. Then the guys HAD to have Burger King, because there are Transformer toys there, that’s why. So I gave in, but as I looked at the menu, nothing even remotely appealed to me, so I passed and had a pb & honey sammy and a yogurt when we got home. Yay for passing up junky saturated fat filled food! Now we are about to start book fest 09.

Hope all you chickies are having a great weekend!!

B: oatmeal, blueberries, brown sugar, and a hard boiled egg
S: venti non fat latte
L: pb & honey sammy, rachels wickedly delicious (she wasn’t lying! yum!) yogurt
S: none, I took a nap instead!
D: leftover chili, some guac and chips
S: new coconut green tea and a biscotti
tons of water!

Exercise, am & pm walks

Day 19!

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So in honor of my lucky number 19 (and because the hubby won’t give up the super secret location of the scale and I am a little obsessive) I decided to try on some old clothes and see where I was at. I have been feeling really thin today for some reason (probably because the hubby won’t tell me where the scale is!). And, drumroll please, some of it fits! I mean, some is still like HA, not a chance, but I look pretty sexy in some of those dresses! I am so relieved to know that when my sisters get here I’ll have a little black dress to rock that looks amazing. w00t, w00t!

Today was a really crazy, really long day. We had the garage sale so that meant getting up early and setting up. That was fun (suuuuuure). The we closed up around noon, went to the bank, and then to lunch at my favorite buffet. And do you know what? I showed restraint. Like massive restraint. But, only because everyone there was like seriously overweight. It made me sad for them. I wanted to give them a lesson in nutrition and let them know the nutrition values of what they were eating. It was kind of like a drunk who was recovering going into a bar and it being a sobering experience. Something clicked and I feel like I kind of just get it. Food cannot be a reward. It just can’t. It’s not positive! It’s self destructive. Pedicures, jewelry, clothes, running shoes… those are rewards. Now if I can just keep riding this I heart myself train so I don’t choose to be self destructive… After lunch we went to Crate & Barrel to buy some new dishes, but I didn’t love anything so the search continues. I have to fid some soon cause I sold mine today at the garage sale! I was just so over them! I am on a plain kick… everything white. Or at least neutral. At least in the kitchen (says the girl with the brightest quilt ever lying across her lap). Then we had dinner and a family walk to end the day. Perfection!

B: oatmeal, brown sugar, blueberries, a hard boiled egg
S: plum, snickers nutrition bar
L: greek salad, chicken tortilla soup, banana muffin, mini frozen yogurt cone
S: yogurt
D: pb & honey sammy & rachels cottage cheese (my new addiction)
S: gonna be green tea and a biscotti

SO now I’m off to watch Revolutionary Road with the hubby. Night chickies!

Day 18

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Well, my weight went down a little but it is still up from Tuesday. I am not going to stress over it, even though internally I kind of am. I mean, this weight loss is too good to be true… I have tried everything and nothing works so now that this is working I am afraid it is going to stop. I need to get over it. And get over my love and need for approval from the scale. Whatev. It’s so ridiculous. I know that I have kicked ass overall. Yes, the sushi day I went over, but I still had a good deficit. Yesterday I was good. I am just going to try to be the healthiest I can be and hope that weight loss follows. So, I ended up making walnut crusted salmon last night because I was out of plain yogurt, and it was pretty good. It’s from Clean Eating magazine. Has anyone read that? I want to buy one and see if I love them. It costs more to subscribe to stuff in Japan, so I am trying to be choosy so as not to break the bank. I just feel so much better when I eat REAL food, stuff I make myself and understand the ingredients in. I hate guessing.

In other news, I was telling the hubby about my walk yesterday, and he wanted to do it again for our nightly walk! wtf?! He wanted to see how hard it was to push the stroller up, so I told him I would push it until it got to the steep part and then he had to and he agreed. So, off we went. It was a great walk! So much better without the stroller there at the top, although I was still out of breath! I think I am going to do the usual walk today in the morning and then force myself to come home and get this house in order. I still haven’t cleaned out the closets, nor have I done laundry in almost a week. wtf is wrong with me?! I don’t feel motivated in the least. I have however sold a ton of crap and been running around to meet people halfway and such. That totally should count for something.

I think I am making blueberry pancakes for dinner tonight. I have a simple, mostly healthy recipe and I have been craving some syrup. Who knows.

B:oatmeal, brown sugar, blueberries and a hard boiled egg
S: rachels wickedly delish cottage cheese
L: mcd’s cheeseburger & apple dippers
S:balance bare, plum, bite of oatmeal raisin cookie
water: already started. *I’m 3 bottles deep now, so almost 70oz.

Exercise: 50 min walk-AM

I have been going nonstop all day trying to get ready for the garage sale. I have a headache that I got about this time yesterday afternoon that just won’t go away. UGH. I took ibuprophen last night and an aleve this morning, but I hate taking medicine so I’m not sure if I should take anything else. All I know is I am miserable. Managed to pick up a Clean Eating mag while out and about this afternoon, I made up some chili for dinner and it is on the stove simmering, so I may just lie in bed and red all afternoon til hubbsy gets home @6:30ish…

Day… uh… 17?

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So last night? Sushi debauchery. As in dinner was almost 1000 calories. So needless to say I went over on my calories. Luckily I took the hubby along for a walk before we left to go, so I still ended the day with a decent deficit. I am trying to do a little extra today to make up for it. My bright idea? Take the boys, in the double stroller, up and down the mountain we live on top of. Oh. My. Gosh. That was not one of my brightest ideas. That stroller is effin HARD to push regularly, but nearly straight uphill? Damn near impossible. I was behind it with my arms all the way extended, pushing as best as I could. It felt like doing mountain climbers on the ground, that’s how far extended my body was. So, needless to say, I got a great morning walk in! I went a little more after I was done with that to make it an hour long, and of course I’ll be doing a walk tonight, too. We’ve already eaten lunch, so as long as I keep my snack in check and stick to salmon for dinner (since I didn’t make it yesterday) I should be good. Speaking of, I am looking up your sauce now, brseay. Thanks for the tip 🙂 It’s only noon… I should have held off on lunch until a little later, but I am SO hungry lately. I don’t know what is up with me. Usually I only get like this before my period, but it is still 2 weeks away. ARGH! My sisters will be here in 3 weeks and 1 day and I don’t want to get derailed before then. These are the last pics we’ll take together for THREE years!! I cannot be the fat one in them, I just can’t.

B: oatmeal, brown sugar, blueberries, and yogurt
S: rachel’s cottage cheese and a kiwi
L: la tortilla factory tortilla with some turkey, cheddar cheese, and dijon mustard, watermelon, strawberries, and a cheesestick.
S: Balance bar
D: walnut crusted salmon, broccoli, black beans with spicy tomato salsa, romaine and balsamic
s: clif bar after walk, and popcorn in bed 🙂
Water: A crap ton!!! The scale didn’t like sushi night so I am trying to flush myself out… literally and figuratively, I suppose.

Exercise: 1 hr walk-AM, same walk with hubby only 40min-PM

The 16th day…

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I am up a pound this morning, but no biggie… I know it is just because I lifted yesterday (and I am SO sore!!). It should be gone in just a day or so. I was bad last night… I was snacky and had some green tea and a biscotti, and was fine, but then the hubby got home and was snacky and chatty and I ate a bowl of frosted flakes and a few bites of yesterday’s leftovers. UGH. I haven’t done that in so long! I think it’s because I ate nasty, nonfilling soup for dinner. I won’t be doing that again.

I went for my hour walk this morning and it was good. I just need to get through today without eating anything weird, take my walk tonight, and I’ll be golden. It’s almost lunch time now, and I have no idea what I am making… a salad probably. Tonight I’m making salmon. I need to look up a new recipe for a glaze or something.

b: oatmeal, protein, 1/2 banana
s: yogurt, honeydew melon
l: tuna wraps, watermelon
s:balance bar, honeydew
d: sushi, and lots of it!, miso soup, 1/2 coconut donut…

Day 15

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I am going to start counting the days since my love, the bodybugg, came to me and made my life a happy place. So today, on Day 15, I had my official 2nd week weigh in, and I am down 4 pounds! for a total of 6 pounds in 2 weeks. And seriously, I ate for crap most of those days. Crazy. This week? This week I am going to rock it. I can’t wait until next Tuesday morning to weigh in. And I took my measurements today… I am down 1 inch in the waist and almost 3 in the hips. Boo-ya!

I had passport drama this morning (seriously, these new “have the other parent sign consenting” rules are effin ridiculous. My ex hasn’t seen the boys in over 3 years and I seriously have to get his signature to get passports. AND, he is apparently in jail for a DUI right now. OMG, can you say WT?! So thankfully I had a few connections and worked my charm to get the forms to him and I am just hoping he will even sign them. It’s not like I am his favorite person and he’d want to help me out. What an effin nightmare.

BUT, I am so proud of myself because even though I was stressed to the max and really angry, I went for my walk. Yes. It was an hour and a half later than normal, and hotter, but I did it. The whole hour. We came home and had lunch and now I have the men lying down watching PBS Kids and I am psyching myself up to clean out those linen closets. I can not get motivated. I will be so glad when the garage sale is over. We have so much CRAP! Oh, and don’t tell the boys, but all of those huge cups in the shape of Bruce from Finding Nemo and Mickey Mouse? The are totally in the garage sale pile now. Shhhhhh 🙂

B: oatmeal, brown sugar, strawberries, and yogurt
S: none, late walk
L: tuna sandwich with lite mayo and relish, watermelon, strawberries, and a cheesestick
S: Balance Bar
2nd S: honeydew, half a banana w/ 1tsp pb and grapes
D: GROSS can of soup, a few wheat thins

Exercise: hour walk-AM, 20 minutes weights-afternoon, 20 minute walk-PM

*Still* not motivated to do anything! I have been watching Drake & Josh with my 6 year old. Actually, as far as kid shows go, it is pretty funny! I think I am going to run downstairs and lift some weights for a bit… I’ve been looking at bodybuilding.com and OMG, I am so jealous!!

Did my weight routine and I am so worn out. Hubby had plans so I took my walk alone tonight, and the boys were freezing (we live less than 5 minutes from the ocean) so it cut my walk to only 20ish minutes. All in all, exercise was good for today. Decluttering? Notsomuch. The linen closet taunts me…

Monday :)

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Clever title, eh? 🙂

I am a garage sale prepping, craigslisting, decluttering queen! All day yesterday we did this, and today it is my mission, too. I am going to get rid of all of this crap. Seriously, my baby is 4 years old… why do I have a whole shelf in my linen closet dedicated to crib sheets and baby blankets?? Laziness, that is why.

I did manage to get an hour long walk in this morning, probably around 4.5 miles. We stopped at the tail end to play at the park for half an hour. It was a challenge to have both boys in the stroller; not just because they weigh about 100 pounds together, but because they were screwing with each other and jerking around the stroller while doing so! I told them I was going to pull the stroller over and make them wish they had been good! HAHA. Instead of beating them, I made up a game where we find the alphabet on the license plates we pass. That was golden. We made it all the way up to Q… oh, elusive Q, how you torment us. I think I am going to start tomorrow mornings walk out with the game. That and a snack. Snack worked well for the first 10 minutes this morning (til it was gone!). My goal is to walk for about an hour 2 times a day for the next 4 weeks. If I sprinkle in 2 days of weight training I will be golden. Knowing what I am burning does 2 main things for me. Firstly, it makes me aware of when I need to work harder, and relieves the pressure on busy days when I get no formal exercise. Secondly, it resolves my guilt! I know if I screw up and eat crap I can go for a long walk or get on the bike and pay pennance. Also, if I have worked hard and burned a lot, I don’t feel guilt for going over my calories at all! In fact, it seems that on the days I burn a whole lot, I actually lose more when I eat more. I can’t say enough good things about this lil bodybugg. LOVE it.

Alright, I am off to make some lunch for the kiddos. I am into these Snickers Nutrition Bars lately, and they fill me up really well for a midmorning or an afternoon snack. The almond one has just enough honey and chocolate to taste like a candy bar, but has NO artificial ingredients and only 150 calories. YUM! You should check them out.

B: oatmeal, yogurt, 75g strawberries, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
S: Snickers Nutrition Bar
L: spinach salad withcranberries, pecans, balsamic, and feta, and two prunes
S: part of a McD’s ice cream cone, a few wheat thins, Rachel’s Wickedly Delicious cottage cheese, and some watermelon… yeah, graze fest. We had a late dinner.
D: Roasted turkey w/ gravy, pacific gold potatoes, broccoli, and a cheddar bay biscuit
S: Thinking of some hot tea and a biscotti

Exercise: am-walk (over an hour) pm- walk (34 minutes)

Tomorrow is my official weigh in! I’m down at least 3 pounds, at least I am pretty sure I am. We’ll have to wait and see… 🙂

I’m baaaaaaack!

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I am officially company free and I have a little less than 4 weeks before my sisters get here for a girls vaca week to Vegas! I have been DYING to go, and always have it planned, then wham-o, epic fail. Well not this time… come hell or high water we are going! This is uber motivation for me. Not that I need it, because this boddybugg? It has changed my life. Literally. I have lost 6 pounds in less than 2 weeks, with company here every day of it. INCREDIBLE! It’s like voodoo or something. Whatever it is, I’ll take it. I haven’t been able to lose weight no matter what I try, and lord knows I have tried it all. Basically I figured out my body’s secret: If I work too hard I burn nothing. Make sense? I didn’t think so. But, if I run or lift weights I hardly burn a thing. It’s like my body is afraid I am working too hard and stops burning calories. But if I go for a walk? I burn calories like crazy! So I have been walking for an hour or so every night, in addition to whatever daily activity I normally do, and voila! I have been keeping track of my food, but we’ll just say that it has not been the greatest. One day I ate almost 3000 calories. True story. The trick is just to make sure you burn more than you eat, which I have done every day, obviously, resulting in the loss. So I bought an analog scale that is hard to read, and that has kept me from being all psychi dependant on the number. Also, I tried on my skinniest jeans… the jeans that I wore when I was damn near my most perfect, and tonight… the went on!! I try them on once a week or so, and about 2 weeks ago they wouldn’t go over my thighs. Not a chance. Tonight? ALL THE WAY ON! I even buttoned them. Now do not be disillusioned into thinking they fit, cause OMG, muffin top city! But I am on my way.  I am still going to be weight lifting, for the health benefits, but only like twice a week or so. I’m not sure yet. I am going to try to get to the gym so I can start lifting heavy, which is what my FIL the gym rat says is the best. He should know. I also bought a double stroller so I can push my slow 6yo on the walks. Pushing that thing so should count as an upper body workout. Those skinny kids weigh almost 100 pounds together!

How are all of you doing? I am going to make it a goal to blog at least once a day, maybe more if I am feeling chatty 🙂 I can’t wait to catch up with you girls!

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