My fabulous weekend!

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They say there are ups and downs to everything; pros and cons. This weekend would fit that description VERY well. We had an amazing time! We slept in a crazy tent, on a slope, and for the first time ever it was kinda cold! We were all snuggled up in sleeping bags like sardines. We hiked and explored and built a campfire. We rented a paddleboat and a row boat. We told stories by the campfire. Yes, we made lots of memories…

Then there was the down side… I ate like a HEFER! NO seriously, we’re talking bad, bad food and lots of it. There was so much candy I literally felt sick. I didn’t even bother to count my points. I feel so mad that I let my self control waver. But, today is a new day and I am on plan. I’m letting it go.

In other news, rowing a boat is effin HARD! My arms and shoulders are still sore. It is so fun though, and my oldest and I have vowed that we’ll try to do it at least once a month from now on (except Nov – I think May when they’re closed). He loved it, too. We took turns and went from one end of the lake to the other and side to side. It was such hard work but so rewarding. It really is beautiful out there.

Happy Sunday, chickies!

Oh, and I’ll try to retrace my steps to adding the blogroll and give you a summary! 🙂


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There is something about this day that makes me lose my everloving mind! I just ate 2 pieces of pizza and a skinny cow ice cream sandwich! 10 points! So at 10am I have already had 13 points, or half of what I am supposed to have all day! Grrrrrrr Today is the first day of our camping trip though (starting after the boys get out of school) so maybe I can make decent choices since I will be so limited! 🙂 I did walk a lot this morning… about 2.5 miles with the stroller. And I was going to run, but I didn’t realize how far of a walk I was taking and I wore flip flops and now my feet HURT so I am gonna give them a break for a bit. I don’t want to risk missing out on races tonight!!!

Hope you are all having a great Friday!!!

OH, and how the hell do I make a blog roll?!? I tried to, but my links didn’t work and I can’t figure out how to get to the pages I want to check regularly except when they are recently updated. Technical support, please! 😉 ** Note: I figured it out! YAY! I have more I want to add, but I am outta time!


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Welcome to OUR world, boys! 🙂


Don’t write yourself off yet!

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Picture this: chubby yet fabulous me, sweating like tiny2be on the treadmill, wanting to get off the damn thing and go shopping for our exciting camping trip that starts tomorrow, thinking it is pointless to run cause I am NEVER gonna be able to run a 5k without dying. Cue music: Hey! Don’t write yourself off yet! And I think to myself, Jimmy Eats World, you have a damn good point. And I’ll start tomorrow morning, as my 2.5 miles is done for the day! buahahhaa I know, it was a moment of inspiration and I let it pass, but running really is so hard for me. I mean, I dunno how big of a difference it makes, but I weigh a LOT. The hubbs says it will get easier the more I do it, but realistically I wanna weigh around 170 and that is still the “Athena” division for the races here on base. Athena is the nice way of saying “big girl.” My doc says I am lucky and that I can totally take the division if I could just get my mind in the game. We’ll see. I wanna do at least the mud run next year, and maybe the 10k too, if I could get serious about training.

So in other news, today was an amazing day. Yay! Work was good, lunch with the girls was perfect and much needed, and the boys were all good at school and daycare, respectively. And to top it off, we are going camping supply shopping in a little bit for a few odds and ends. I am so stoked about our trip tomorrow!!

Alright, that’s all I got. Have a great night, chickies!

Stupid yesterday.

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I wrote this long, heartfelt blog yesterday and it was eaten. Poetic justice, I suppose. ANyway, I don’t really have the time this morning to go into it, so I’ll give the short version… Went to my weigh in, gained 1.4, not stressing cause I am sure it is hormone related as my boobs have grown exponentially in the last week, yet the rest of my body is shrinking, made a Smart Ones to take back and eat during the meeting, stirred it up (thank GOD) and discovered (before taking a bite–THANK GOD) there was a huge cockroach in it. The disgusting thing made me vomit, literally. So, I left immediately and then left work altogether. Weight gain + cockroach = mandatory afternoon off. I don’t know if you know this or not, but A: cockroaches are my archnemesis, and B: I keep finding insects that are alive/used to be alive before the freeze dried process in my food! So, I have been wanting to skip out on the processed, boxed, disgusting food for a while and now I have my reason/wake up call. EFFING GROSS. (sidenote: there is a lot less cursing in today’s version!) Anyway, after I left work I had to go get the 1st grader’s supplies, as his teacher just gave the list (wtf?) and I was SO frustrated because EVERYTHING was sold out. Then, the 3 yr old fell asleep on my way walking into Barnes & Noble so I had to carry him. I go in, get my Moose book for the virtual book club, and try to hightail it outta there. I get to the counter (obviously struggling with 2 books (damn that clearance rack by the checkout!), a kid, and Vivanno) and the cashier asks for my B&N card so I can save my 20%. I try to shufle around to get my wallet outta my purse, but yeah… that was a lost cause. So I say can you look me up? Apparently they can, but only be phone number. Um, that number was 2 kids, one husband, and half the country ago… I HAVE NO IDEA! So she tells me to find my card later and bring my receipt back for the 20% refund. Like I’m gonna do that! Basically, she just reminded me why I shop at AMazon (where my info is stored) or Border’s (where they have given me my rewards without the certificate when I have forgotten them, etc.). GRRRRR! Not that 5 bucks is a big deal, it was just her crummy attitude mixed with my current struggle as well as the PTSD I was suffering from the cockroach incident.

Here’s to today being a better day! I know I won’t go over my points because I am afraid to eat anything!!!

What a day.

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Work sucked. Not in a bad way, just in a “I am so busy and wondering if I can ever do this shit” kinda way. Self doubt; gotta love it. Went to get the boys and that helped. They had a great day and I can’t begin to tell you how much that makes me happy. So, I lounged. And lounged. And all the while getupnow was in my head… I made a pact with her to run to help get rid of my BAD case of the tomorrows. So, here I am… sitting, enjoying the peace, with her unknowingly looming over my head! Finally after reading a quote by Christopher Reeve (“I get pretty impatient with people who are able-bodied but are somehow paralyzed for other reasons.”), that combined with getupnow’s guilt forced me into a couple of HARD miles on the treadmill. So thanks! 🙂

Now, on to the story of that treadmill… I was cursed and had I not had proper motivation I would have quit before I started about 10 times. First, my back was hurting, and my belly. Then my shoes felt funny. Someone blogged about cushiony shoes and now maybe my Nike Zoom’s aren’t good enough. Maybe I want some cushiony ones, too. Then my IPOD was outta juice. So I went to borrow my sons… also outta juice. Eek! Then I start running and my ginormous boobs are making my last clean sports bra hurt my shoulders (which always happens with that one… hence why it was the last one clean. the sad part of this is that I have like 15 of them. yeah, the hubby does laundry… it’s his one chore. ugh). THEN, I have to pee 5 minutes in, and it hurts. SO I stop, go, get back on, walk for a couple minutes cause my knees are hurting. And all of a sudden: EPIPHANY… SUCK IT UP PRINCESS and effing RUN!!! And I did. I ran 2 glorious miles and I was sweating like whatever sweats a lot, and listening to nothing but my breathing. And I loved it.

So mostly what I wanted to say was thanks to all of you that inspire me…

In other news, I am nervous about my weigh in tomorrow. I haven’t been drinking enough water, and I haven’t been eating the best, even if it is within my points. Today I had cereal and a sandwich for dinner. Can we say carb hell?! Wish me luck!!!

Lazy days

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That’s what I am living. I swear, if good intentions made ya fit, I’d be posing in next months Women’s Health mag! However, we all know they don’t. Boo on reality! I didn’t run again today. Hubby wanted to take the boys out to a celebratory dinner in honor of their first successful day of school. Had a blast, landed right on with my points, and now here I am… ready for bed and no exercise for the second straight day.

Thank goodness I have a tomorrow!!




Monday, ICK!

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Mondays are no fun. The boys had their first day of school today, and I am anxiously waiting for the day to be over so I can see how they did!! I ended up not working out yesterday, and I am feeling post-laziness guilt. Eek! Today I will run for sure. I only went over 1 point yesterday, so all in all a VERY productive weekend! Well, I am at work so I have to be brief.

Happy Monday!

My new obsession…

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…is gonna be SCUBA diving! I was looking into rewards for my weightloss, and I remember my Dad loved SCUBA diving, so I looked it up and there is a place on base that is very reasonably priced, and they do trips to Mexico and San Diego every weekend, and to other places like Santa Barbara, Papua New Guiney, The Cayman Islands, and the list goes on. Um, YES please. I live right off the beach, so there is no better place to do this than right here. The first class is about 400 bucks, and I have to have some equipment for it, so I am thinking the equipment will be my 10 pound goal and the class my 15 so I have enough time to save up for (damn you student loans, taking all my fun money!!!). Anyway, I am so STOKED!

I did pretty good yesterday, though I broke my no going over rule. grrrrrr I was so HUNGRY though. In my defense, I was pretty active. We ended up going for another 1.5 mile ride and then walked to the park to play tag and stuff, so I ate a lil too much dinner… like 2.5 servings instead of the 1.5 I had points for… but I did really well on the snacking and I am proud of that. Only 4 points over.

So today holds cleaning and get ready for school stuff AND… my hubby the Marine is gonna PT me! Why, oh WHY did I agree to this? Maybe it is all this bootcamp talk from you girls! So, I am gonna be off to the track soon, where the beating is gonna take place. Dun DUN DUNNNNN

Happy Sunday!

BMX wanted.

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So, we had a GREAT time cycling, however, I have come to the realization that a cruiser is not made for an offroad trail! My booty is sore. And I think my son has outgrown his bike. That kid is growing like a weed. He’s only 9 and he is over 5 feet tall and wears a size 7 in mens shoes. I suppose I’ll get him a new bike in the next couple of weeks. I was trying to wait to make it a report card incentive (all a’s gets ya stuff in this house), but that is 3 months away and he has decided he wants to ride at least once a week together. I love getting the time alone with him; he’s such a cool kid! So, I’m gonna be trolling for a used bike for me, too… one that is a little better with the trails… and keep mine just for use around here. I’m still gonna try to get in a run today, since the ride was only worth 3 points and I have some hard core goals for myself this week. We’ll see how that goes =] Oh, and I came home to the hubby cleaning out… MY SHOE CLOSET! w00t! I am a bit of a shoe whore, and I have a walk in closet dedicated to my shoes (and to our games… I can share!) that has gotten a bit messy as of late and he is reorganizing it for me… withOUT me asking him to. Maybe asking him to go get my shoes while I am getting ready in the mornings and him not being able to find them has motivated him. ha! I bet it drives him nuts, seeing as how he literally owns about 4 pairs of shoes, counting his flip flops!

Hope yall are having an awesome weekend!

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