I did a successful Phase 1 of the SBDiet about five years ago. I’d started it because of a health scare — severe heart palpitaitons (which I now think were caused by low potassium; my cardiologist says my heart is fine.) As soon as I learned I didn’t have a heart problem, I started drifting away. My major problem with being on SB has not been giving up carbs — abstinence truly does cut the cravings — but because I’ve become a lazy cook. To be fair, I have a very busy schedule, and it’s hard to find the time. I’m looking forward to retiring in June and having time to cook!

This time, I’m going to plan. I’ve already planned out the first week, and laid in enough vegetables. I’ve gotten a lot from that first two weeks, and several later retries, and added a lot of South Beach habits. Now, the idea of two cups of vegetables a day at lunch and dinner don’t seem odd.

I feel determined and confident. Hope I feel the same way this time next week!