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It has been way too long since I have last posted anything on this blog.  But I wandered over here today and have been perusing a lot of the blogs I used to frequent – and reading about everyone has inspired me to post.

I am most in the mood to read about what everyone else has to say, but will post shortly.

As far as the weight loss goes personally, I have started to see some success and have slowly been losing – through cutting back on portions, sweets, and increasing my exercise (and intensity).  It has been so rewarding to finally see progress and to begin to feel like my old self again.

More to come…

Week 2, Day 1

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Happy Saturday, everyone.  What a week!  Seriously – I am so glad that we have made it to Saturday.  The market officially opened yesterday and now that we know that operations are working we are in the process of pushing our marketing into full swing.  I spent the morning leaving flyers on the doors of all of our neighbors and then will begin working on our emailing campaign.  The paper has already contacted Zane for an article, and we need to decide if we are going to place ads and when.  Whew!  This is exciting, exhausting, and scary – but from what I understand normal for new businesses.  🙂

Today was my first weigh – in at Weight Watchers.  I have had a pretty good week – I worked out every day but Thursday and my eating was pretty good.  It needs to be tightened up a bit – but I was tracking the things I put in my mouth and actually trying to eat balanced meals so I still feel like I did a good job.  I lost 1.8 lbs.  AND my period is about to start so I could possibly see more of a loss than normal next week when I am not retaining water.  So it has started and I am on the slope down.  It is going to be a long road – but at least I have started down the road and that alone brings me peace.

Support is the key to success for me and I know I couldn’t do this without the two women doing this with me.  SO very glad to have them along.  

I am off to get cleaned up and go to Walmart.  Then I will drop back by the store and then come home and work on emails.  And laundry.  

My parents are coming for a surprise visit (surprise for my husband) to see the shop – so that will be nice.  They live about 3 hours from our house so it will be great to show them the finished product.

I am hoping that all of you had a great week too and a nice weekend planned.  Want to read through some of your posts and offer some support as well!


Week 1, Day 4

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As many of you who have ever done Weight Watchers know – everything is counted in terms of weeks and days and so for the purpose of simplifying my life – I thought that is how I should title my blog.  Almost through my *first* week (back) and so far it has been pretty good. 

Monday morning at 5:30, R (one of the ladies attending the meetings with me) came and picked me up and we headed to the YMCA for a morning deep water aerobics class.  After the shock of the time of morning wore off – we ended up having a really good time at class.  We did a lot of different types of movements (side stroke, breast stroke, bicycling – all this done with the use of a flotation belt and flotation weights) up and down the length of the pool before we finally ended up doing abs in place.  Although not nearly as taxing as aerobics can be – there was a lot of laughing and talking – I still felt that I had worked out sufficiently by the time we were done.  R and I decided that we would attend the class each of the days it is offered in the morning – which is Monday, Wednesday, Friday – and right now I am planning on doing Zumba on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  I also thought I would do some free weights at home and at some point I am going to refocus on the Couch to 5K program.  Right now, though, I am enjoying having a routine that is both doable and enjoyable. 

Eating has also been on task and I am tracking, weighing, and measuring everything.  I have even been keeping track of the margerine on my toast and to be honest I have never done that before.  🙂  The only really great temptation I am having to deal with at home right now is a large bag of Hershey’s miniatures (Hershey bars, Krackle, Mr. Goodbar, etc.) I had taken to the Bunco game on Friday night.  I came home with the leftovers despite my protest.  I am still not completely able to leave them alone entirely – however, I have been tracking them if I eat them – and so I am counting them and budgeting as necessary. 

As I have mentioned previously on my blog my husband and I are in the process of opening a meat market – which after a long, arduous process has nearly come to an end.  We are almost ready to open!!  Anyhow – I had planned on attending a luncheon today with a co-worker and so did not pack a lunch before I left the house this morning.  Mid-morning my husband called me and asked me to meet him at the shop to help finish up some paperwork that needed to be completed – by the time I got back to office my co-worker had left for the luncheon and so I was without.  I ended up eating some swedish fish and a tootsie roll – which I logged – but I avoided the leftover pizza in the breakroom – so that was a victory!

I am going to Zumba after work this evening and then will stop by the grocery store.  I am in the mood for hamburgers and have the points and so I am planning on the following for dinner: a hamburger (using 96/4 meat and an english muffin as a bun) with lettuce, red onions, guacamole, some fat free sour cream (I am on a mexican kick lately!), a small baked potato – with fat free sour cream and salsa, and a cup of grapes.  I am also  going to make up a packet of Weight Watchers’ vanilla shakes.  I usually use one packet of mix, 2 cups of milk and 2 cups of frozen strawberries – and then split the shake between my husband and I.  I will be able to get in a serving of milk and fruit and get a treat!

I have to be up again early tomorrow morning so it will be a short evening – as I will need to be in bed at a decent time.  I am getting ready to sit for the exam again (hopefully to finally finish) so I will plan on studying before bed and hopefully not getting sucked into t.v. 

Update on a Saturday Afternoon

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I have been trying to figure out which design I want to use for this blog and so have been changing the background to determine which one is the most appealing to me.  This will do for now – but I may decide to change again.  :p

As I noted in my last post – I did go back to Weight Watchers, but not Tuesday night – I went back this morning at 8:30 a.m.  I have now committed to getting up early every Saturday and attend meetings with two other women.  Hallelujah!  

Tuesday I had the best intentions – but I had a headache by the time I got home and was just not in the mood to go and get weighed.  Just like the Y – I have been having trouble going back to the Weight Watchers.  I have been upset that I have had to go back and have “failed” in m attempt to lose weight. 

Last night I attended a monthly Bunco game that I have joined and at the end of the evening two of the women there began talking about Weight Watchers.  We are all three members of the YMCA and all three have the desire to get back into shape.  We also all three wanted to go back to Weight Watchers, but needed some help getting there.  Before leaving the game last night we decided together to meet and attend the 8:30 meeting together.  And we did.  Then we went to the Y and I did 35 minutes on the treadmill.  Not great, but a start.  And that is what today is – a start. 

I have started tracking my food again and am so thankful to be back at meetings where ideas for food flow freely.  I am glad to be back at meetings that are lively, supportive, and engaging.  I am excited for this journal and to track here my progress.

My goal for the week beginning 6/20/09: To follow as closely as I can the healthy guidelines, to stay within my points, and to go to the gym 5 times this week.  I think I can do it.

I have posted my goal for the total amount of weight I want to lose, but like WW does it I want to break that down into 10% mini-goals (10% of the total loss) – otherwise this could just began to feel overwhelming.  😉

Due to the busy morning I was not able to eat until nearly 1:00 today – so I have 17.5 points left to eat.  Which is ridiculous, kind of.  

More tomorrow – hope everyone is having a good Saturday!

It has been a while…

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Well, it has been awhile since my last post.  Although I have continued to read the blogs on this site I have not been posting at all.  However, I hope to amend that and once again try to use this little blog to my advantage and to its greatest usefulness.

Since I last blogged I have started going to the gym again more regularly.  For some reason just starting to go to the gym again seemed difficult – I felt badly that I had slid backwards since the last time I was going continuously and I have found myself struggling with some self doubt and some insecurity.  The wonderful thing about the gym though – and especially the YMCA – is that most people are in process as well.  Which ultimately means that I fit right in.  🙂

Today – I have also made a decision about going back to Weight Watchers once more.  I am going to a meeting tonight at 6 – and am planning on making that my normal weigh in time. I will commit to leaving work early enough to get there – regardless of what is going on.  A time on Saturday or Sunday would probably be more ideal, but if I wait until the weekend I will not go – so tonight is as good as any.  I think that I am ready.  After a lot of thought I believe that the weighing in each week and the structured meetings are what I believe I need to stay on the path – as that is what has worked best for me in the past.  Furthermore, I just think that the overall support of the group meetings is helpful.  I don’t feel quite as alone or strange in a meeting with people who are all working toward a similar goal. 

So hopefully in the coming weeks I will have some really good news about that.  I have decided to add a ticker to my site and track by 5 pounds.  I figure that will seem less overwhelming than the total amount I would like to lose and therefore easier to accomplish.

I thought that I would also begin posting what I am eating again as writing down what I put in my mouth is always a great way to review and improve my eating habits.  Here we are so far for today.  I am assuming that I have 24 points on Weight Watchers (this may change) – but for now this will be my benchmark.


1 egg (fried with pam), 1 piece of Wheat Toast, and a bowl (approx. a cup) of sliced strawberries and some splenda (total points: 6)


Smart Ones – Lasagna Bake (frozen dinner) and  a banana sliced with Splenda (total of 7 points)


Planned dinner: Herbed Chicken Parmesan, which I will serve with orzo pasta – (I will need to calculate the total points for this) – and a 100 calorie fudge bar for dessert.  (Link to recipe:

I would like to exercise tonight, which I think will most likely be a walk with the boys (our dogs – Duke and Tucker) around the neighborhood. 

More tomorrow concerning how I felt about going back to Weight Watchers – and I will update my food journal.

Friday, how I love thee…

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TGIF!  The weather here is beautiful and although I have a full weekend of work ahead of me.

But that is not what is important – what is important is that today is pizza day.  Within moderation – but still no cooking tonight and my favorite garden vegetable pizza.  🙂

I am much impressed with all of you ladies doing the various challenges – hats off to you!

So far today…

Breakfast: 1 cup Rice Krispies (2), 1 cup fresh strawberries (1), 1 cup fat free milk (2), 1 whole wheat english muffin with 2 tbsp of fat free cream cheese and honey (3) 

Total points: 8 points (and it was worth it!)

Lunch: Smart Ones Ravioli Florentine (5) and a Granny Smith Apple (1)

Total points remaining: 10

….although I may use some of my remaining  33 this evening for pizza if necessary!

My return to the blog and goals for the upcoming weekend…

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Hello All!

I have been away too long and been way too busy.  I decided this morning as I was headed out the door that I needed to work on making a bit more time for me and my goals for losing the weight.  I think about weight loss all the time but there is a precarious balance between being in control and being out of control.

So here is the deal – going to the gym and my aerobics classes this week has been nil.  I have a big project that I am trying to get done, stay on top of, and not freak out about so that has taken priority.  And I would normally be getting up to go to the early classes – but I am exhausted.  Exhausted.  So I am just trying to focus on eating and will head back to class – Zumba! – on Sat. and Sun.  🙂

Eating has been okay.  I purchased a bag of Reese’s peanut butter eggs – the miniatures during a trip to Walgreens.  I should have purchased one large peanut butter egg – and waylaid my craving – but I argued I could control myself.  And, alas, I can not.  I will not be doing that again.

But – I am going back to Weight Watcher meetings on Saturday – early morning.  I don’t really want to do this – but I need to if I am going to hit some of my goals.  And I know that once I go – I will feel better for having gone. 

I am also going to try again to post here what I am eating each day – as it is another step in accountability. 

Breakfast: 1 and 1/4 cup of Rice Krispies (2), 1 cup fat free milk (2), and 1 whole wheat english muffin with 2 tablespoons of fat free cream cheese and some honey (3).  Total points: 7

Snack: Large diet vanilla coke from Sonic – yeah!  Okay the syrup is not sugar free so there are some calories in this drink…per the Sonic website a large diet coke with vanilla flavoring is 62 calories – which per the Weight Watchers website is 1 point!  Good to know.

Lunch: 1 cup of Red Beans and Rice (from a mix – had this the other night when we ate at nearly 9:00 – it was warm and not take-out so although the salt amount was high – overall it was a good choice).  The WW point counter is reading 3 points for the meal.  This seems a little low but I will take it. (3)

As of 1:30 p.m. I have 13 points left.  Woo-hoo!  We are going to have tacos tonight for dinner – I am really excited – as this is one of my favorite meals.  I will still need to work – but doing it from the couch is more comfortable than working late at a client’s.  🙂

Snack: 2 Reese’s Mini – Peanut Butter Eggs (2), 1 pickle spear (0)

Dinner: Soft Tacos!

1 tortilla (2)

1/8 cup ground beef (6% fat) (1)

1/8 cup kidney beans (1)

2 tablespoons 2% shredded cheese (1)

Salsa and tomatoes (0)

1/2 cup cottage cheese (2)

Total points: 7

Dessert: Weight Watchers Cookie and Cream Bar (2)

4 points left….hmmm……….I will need to think about that.



Sunday night at home with the fam…

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Good Sunday evening everyone!

I had an incredibly busy day today and am just amazed at how quickly today flew by.  Of course, I did nap on the sofa until nearly 11 this morning – I have just been so sleepy – which may be why the day seemed to be a bit shorter.  

After I woke up and got cleaned up I headed out to get something to drink – I was craving a diet coke with a splash of real coke – which can be found at any local convenience store fountain.  From there I headed to PetCo for litter, a new toy for Caesar, and some dog cookies (they look like cookies!) for the dogs.  (I also had a nice chat with my mother who is coming for a visit next week – yea!).  Once I got home (and the boys had their treat and Caesar received his toy) my husband wanted us to make a trip to Lowe’s. 

Once we finally returned I was ready for some lunch – leftover chili with cheese, soda crackers, and fat free sour cream that I had been heating up in the crock pot – and then some down time. 

THEN…it was time for Zumba again.  🙂 The class today was just as full – a different teacher this time though and the music and moves were changed up a bit.  The new teacher was even smaller and blond – and although she was a great dancer her personality was a little quieter than yesterday’s teacher.  Still a great class and it has just reaffirmed that I need to be at the Y.  It reaffirms that with classes I can get where I want to go and have fun doing it.  I can lose this weight!

Which brings me to a new goal.  My brother has finally set his wedding date – July 11.  That means I have a little less than 4 months to lose approx. 20 lbs.  I want to be at if not under 164 by the wedding.  It is doable.  I think.  I will continue going to classes – probably about 5 times a week – and will continue on with my Weight Watchers and counting points.  I can do it!

Tonight I had grape nuts, with a little sugar and fat free milk and a whole wheat english muffin with fat free cream cheese and honey.  I should have thrown a banana in there but I was feeling a bit lazy.  Tomorrow morning I will add the banana to my morning bowl of cereal.  

Before dinner we cleaned out the flower beds in the front of our house and planted a crepe myrtle that a neighbor down the street gave to us today.  If it transplanted well it should be lovely as the blooms with be purple and will look great against our red brick.  

I am trying to finish up some laundry and get ready for tomorrow.  I am going to a water class tomorrow morning at 5:45.  Uggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh getting into my suit, but I know that I need to just do it.  It will be good and will add variation to my workout.  I am not sure if I will take Tuesday off or just walk the dogs that day (yes!) and then Wednesday will be another Zumba class!  I haven’t decided if I want to a body sculpting class on Thursday or more water classes to end the week.  The body sculpting class is one I enjoyed and will probably be a good addition.  Funny – I saw the teacher of that class at both the Zumba classes – 🙂

Anyhow – need to put in another wash.  I am craving something tonight – but don’t know what.  Probably good that it is nearly time for bed.  I could get away with an Edy’s Fruit bar (although I did have a half a cup of ice cream for dessert) if that will keep me out of the kitchen.  

Hope everyone is looking forward to a good start to the work week – I have a LOT to do and will probably have some late nights – but I am hopeful that it is productive, that we make some headway on the market and that next weekend comes quickly – my momma is coming to town!

Zumba?!…I like it!

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Hello!  I must be better about updating my blog – it is a record of how I am doing and to be accountable I should be documenting more faithfully.  Although I have been silent I have continually been reading everyone else’s blogs and looking to your musings for inspiration and support.  I definitely appreciate this community as this journey can be quite bumpy at times!

This morning I decided to go and try Zumba at the YMCA.  I have been a member of the Y for many years now – in fact when I first moved to Oklahoma I joined because I knew no one in town and it was a great place to go at night for both exercise and social interaction.  I had a 5 – 6 classes that I attended regularly and really enjoyed the atmosphere there.  Slowly I got busier, ran around with a crowd that wasn’t involved with the Y and got married.  When I joined Weight Watchers 2 years ago to lose weight I rejoined the Y and began going to classes again.  Not with the same fervor – I think 3-4 classes a week was all I could manage – but I still enjoyed the people and the instructors.  That being said – I got kind of burned out on the classes.  I was tired of the step class I took – but didn’t really want to do kickboxing or boot camp.  I didn’t really want to do floor aerobics either – as I enjoyed using the weights and the step so ultimately I stopped going thinking I would find something I enjoyed more on my own.

All that being said – I did not find something that kept me as motivated as the classes and hence I am working again to try to get back to a weight I would be happy at.  Undeniably, I personally do better in group exercise – I am motivated by the leader and by the others in the group.  Furthermore, a set time and place helps me remain on track.  I have know for awhile that if I really want to get serious about this weight loss thing – I needed to get back into classes.  Last night I started looking at the class schedule again so see what could be arranged (my work hours can run from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. at times) and if there were classes I was interested in.  

On the Y website there was an announcement on the front page: “We have Zumba.”

What is Zumba?  Something different? Fun? and yet will still burn calories?  I did some research and found that it is exercise that is done to latin music.  That it is more like dancing than aerobics – and that it is very popular.  I thought I would go and check it out.  If it was fun I would see if I could hit it several times a week and get the ball rolling again.

When I got to the Y this morning there was a line like I have never seen of people waiting to get into the aerobic room.  I nearly turned around and left – I thought there will be no room – this will be a mess.  But there was another gal in line who immediately said hello and started talking about how much fun the class was and how great the instructor was.  Bless this girl!  Her hello prevented me from leaving and as we walked into the classroom together she warned me that it would be a workout.

It was a workout – but it was also a lot of fun.  The instructor was a tiny little thing with curly hair and a personality the size of Texas.  She was fab!  Basically the workout is a series of songs that have choreographed “dance moves” – they are essentially aerobic moves that have been altered so that they are more like dancing and require that you shake your hips and your groove thing -ha!

The room was packed and as I looked around most everyone was just doing their best to emulate the instructor – but whether or not they were on beat or not – everyone was having fun.  

I am going again tomorrow. 

I am still trying to decide what other classes I want to take.  I would like to take a water class.  I love those.  There is something about the water – and those classes often allow for some chatting and laughing because you aren’t out of breath.  The only problem is having to wear a suit.  😉

I recommend Zumba to anyone out there curious – go – it will be a blast (and it is for ALL ages!).

The hubs and I just finished lunch: scrambled eggs with onions and 2% milk cheese, homemade hash browns, and a half of a banana – I also had a WW ice cream sandwich for dessert.

I have a pot of chili on for tonight’s dinner and am planning on making some chocolate bread (yes, you heard right) and some chocolate biscotti later.

Interested in the chocolate bread?  Go here:

I still need to get cleaned up — Saturdays are for lounging — and then DH and I are going to visit a meat market in another part of OKC to see what they are doing right (and maybe wrong) and then to Ace Hardware to look at some Benjamin Moore paint chips.  We may take the boys to PetCo for an outing – but that hasn’t been decided yet.  It may need to happen tomorrow.

Finally, I am coming home to do some organizing and shredding of all of our paperwork and then may challenge my husband to a rematch at UNO.  I could not catch a break last night.

I have some work to do as well – but that can be for tomorrow as necessary.  

I have a new Better Homes and Garden waiting to be read as well – and more sewing to do.    

Hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far!

Another Saturday night, another new posting…

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Hello everyone!  I am going to really try to begin posting regularly again.  It will keep me honest.  🙂

The last few weeks have not been great eating wise.  I really wanted to do Weight Watchers again, but there are two things that I think are keeping me from committing:

1. I would really like to be going to meetings during the week – specifically Wednesday nights.  But lately I have been working until 7, and can not get back in time for the meetings. I know I could go on Saturday or Sunday – I just don’t want my meeting days to be on the weekends – Saturdays are usually very crowded (and I am not crazy about the leader) and Sunday is at 2 in the afternoon.  And I don’t know about your Sundays – but mine are lazy and I don’t want to commit to anything.  It is my one day of rest – and for now I want to keep it that way.

2. Motivation.  Aghhh – I want to eat well and lose weight – I just don’t want to count points.  It can be such a hassle to have to determine what the points are. (I could just be lazy.)

So what is the solution.  I signed up for Spark People and have been tracking my calories.  As many may already know they ask for your height, weight, and your goal – and then provide a calorie range which you should be eating within.  AND it is free.  And that is fabulous.  Free is always good.

I did finally buy a scale and weighed and had lost 5.7 pounds over the last 2 months.  Not bad with how crazy everything has been and how little exercise I have been able to get in.  Right now my plan is to get up and walk one of the dogs each morning and do weights in the evening 3 times a week.  I am starting with a 2 -3 mile walk and may increase that as it gets warmer and I am more in the habit of getting up early (I have to exercise in the morning – I have no time in the evening).  I need to be back from my walk by a certain to begin getting ready for work – so the earlier I get up to work out the more time I have.  I would like to get back to Couch to 5K – I just am going to take my exercise a week at a time right now.  I have a tendency to get overwhelmed by what I think I should be doing and then don’t want to do anything.  I started walking last week with the boys and got off track and have now ended up with a horrendous cold – but am hopeful tomorrow Duke and I can head back out for another walk.  He needs it and I need it – and although it is a little chilly here – I can bundle up and have a great walk.  

The biggest news this week is that my husband I found out that we had been approved for all of the necessary financing.  That means that we are in business!  We are opening a meat market in Norman, OK – and are very excited.  I visited the location for the first time last night and the walls are yellow! – we have so much work to do!  But it will be fun to see the transformation.  We had a small celebration with friends on Thursday night – and that was when food just went downhill.  I didn’t do awful but how can you do well with breaded chicken strips, tortilla chips, bbq chips, and soda?  BAH!  (My hubby was the one who purchased and planned the party and at 6’2″ and 145 pounds – he has little to no concern about calories.  🙂

But back on track…kind of back on track today.  Honestly – I just feel stuffed up and uncomfortable with this cold.  My throat, my nose, everything feels heavy and sore.  I so rarely get sick that I had forgotten how awful it could feel.  I am hopeful that tomorrow will be better – I am planning on doing a little cooking in anticipation of the upcoming week.  I thought I would make some lentil soup, grill some chicken, make some couscous salad and perhaps some bread. I need to have things to pack for lunch that are healthy, easy, and taste great!! (and balanced – my goal is to have all of the food groups represented.)

So here is today’s food:

Breakfast: 1/2 cup grape nuts and 1/2 cup skim

Snack: (Not so good) – a couple of bbq chips, a few swigs of Coca Cola, and a couple of cashews

Lunch: 1/2 a piece of naan bread and 1/4 cup of marinara for dipping, one half cup of Edy’s light ice cream

Dinner: 1 cup Raisin Bran Crunch and 1 cup of skim milk and another 1/2 cup of Edy’s light ice cream (I am sick! – though that is not a good excuse)

Snack – a glass of Coca Cola and a couple more bbq chips, and a Edy’s Grape Fruit Bar (so good)

Per Spark People – I am still within my calorie range – but seriously my choices have not been very balanced.  So that is not great.  

Found a great cooking website today – – the author focuses on low fat vegetarian cooking – but the recipes appear to be pretty straightforward and I believe can be adjusted for meat as needed. I like recipes that don’t have a lot of ingredients, don’t have hard to find ingredients, and are simple.  Works for me.  The site even has a recipe for baked donuts – which would be fun for holidays or family gatherings.

Well – I am going to do some sewing and watch a movie.  I am hoping that I am feeling better tomorrow.

Hope you are all well – Happy Saturday!

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