Ridin’ off into the sunset

Today I had to do some things in a professional setting where I didn’t know anyone. I very distinctly noticed that I felt like a normal person. I wasn’t wondering what people thought of the “fat girl” or felt like I didn’t belong. I just felt…normal.

It’s probably not normal to notice that feeling normal is odd.

I know many people on the 3FC forums worry about airplane seats and belt buckles who weigh quite a bit less than I do but I feel like 286lbs is a normal weight. It’s really hard to imagine what 250, 220, 199, and 150 will feel like. I have no idea what 150 will be like, I don’t think I’ve ever been my height and 150 in my life. I’m sort of thinking 135 is in the range of possibilities but that’s still just crazy talk to me. 150 I really think can and will happen but 135….is science fiction. For my height 121-153 is considered a normal range. The 120’s? Really? Well we’ll have to see!

February 2nd, 2009 at 10:32 pm
2 Responses to “Normal”
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    Joy Says:

    I sooo know what you mean. This is why my goal that i focus on right now is 165. Whatever I get to after that is icing on the cake so to speak. Maybe that was not the best analogy? LOL

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    Nice experience, feeling normal.