Ridin’ off into the sunset

When I was a kid I did my own version of free style rock climbing. I grew up running all over Cougar Mountain and explored the nooks and cranny’s of the area behind my friend’s house. I was good at finding footholds and clambering up small cliffs and embankments. This was back in the 70’s and I’d never heard of rock climbing as a sport.

By the time I got into college rock climbing was in vogue but I was too heavy to feel confident in my abilities. I also avoided a high ropes course that looked fun because I thought I wouldn’t fit in the harness.

I think I’ll add rock climbing to the things I’d like to do when I get down to my second goal weight of 150. Maybe I’ll start before then, but when I get to 150 I’m giving myself a rock climbing adventure for sure!

November 24th, 2008 at 5:44 pm
One Response to “Rock Climbing”
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    susan Says:

    Ha! I was the same way when I was a kid ~ no genuine mountains, but lots of hilly woods and streams to conquer. The thought of real rock climbing scares the be-jebbers out of me: I picture myself swaying on that rope like an over-ripe fruit. Yikes!

    Go for that goal!