Ridin’ off into the sunset

Well I let life get me down – I had some serious stress for awhile. I didn’t gain back all the weight I’d lost in the past but came pretty close.

Now I’m back to it and hope to hang in there and hit Onederland sometime in 2014.

Lets see if I can get back in the habit of posting.

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School is pretty busy right now so I decided to go into maintenance mode until it’s over. I’d like to be losing but for now I’m happy with not gaining.

I’ll be back – just got a lot of stuff to do!

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Not a big loss this week, but I’ll take whatever loss I can get. I’m always glad to see the scale move down, even if it’s not as much as I would like.

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Today I had to do some things in a professional setting where I didn’t know anyone. I very distinctly noticed that I felt like a normal person. I wasn’t wondering what people thought of the “fat girl” or felt like I didn’t belong. I just felt…normal.

It’s probably not normal to notice that feeling normal is odd.

I know many people on the 3FC forums worry about airplane seats and belt buckles who weigh quite a bit less than I do but I feel like 286lbs is a normal weight. It’s really hard to imagine what 250, 220, 199, and 150 will feel like. I have no idea what 150 will be like, I don’t think I’ve ever been my height and 150 in my life. I’m sort of thinking 135 is in the range of possibilities but that’s still just crazy talk to me. 150 I really think can and will happen but 135….is science fiction. For my height 121-153 is considered a normal range. The 120’s? Really? Well we’ll have to see!

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Well I got on the scale about six times this morning and reset the scale twice. Before I got on the scale I thought if it’s anything below 287.6 I’ll be absolutely thrilled.

Last week I had a few stressful days and didn’t count calories. I tried to eat normally and reasonably but when I don’t count calories I know I tend to eat more. I had one day where I know I ate more than my alloted calories.

So I didn’t expect to see much progress but was pleasantly surprised this morning! 285 is just around the corner, which is my Valentines Day goal.

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It’s getting harder to post as I’m being distracted by school at the moment, with a little World of Warcraft thrown in. I expect a small loss for the week tomorrow. And I really need to do some grocery shopping!

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Forgot to post this yesterday, silly homework got in the way.

I’m pleased with another good loss this week and that I could stay on plan. I didn’t get any exercise in really – just busy and the slippery sidewalks are a turn off for me. I like when I get in some exercise because it gives me either more calories to play with (yay) or a larger loss (yay) so exercise is always a win. I have a gym I could use at school – it’s a really nice facility – I don’t really know why I don’t go other than it’s not part of my routine. I’ll have to think about adding a gym day on the weekend.

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Well I (unofficially) hit the 280’s for the first time this morning. Saw another big decrease over yesterday morning’s weight and was struggling with those end of the day hungries again yesterday. Looking at my weight loss patterns I will probably go back up again tomorrow then decrease back to where I am today over Sunday/Monday.

I’m finding tracking my loss to be really helpful. I’m starting to see patterns so when my weight goes up on some days I know it’s nothing to worry about, it’s just how it works for me.

When I woke up this morning my “hungries” from yesterday were gone so I’m thinking there’s not much reason to adjust my calories at this point. I’m at 1703 calories for today so we’ll see how that goes for a while longer.

I have to say I really like decreasing my calories as my weight decreases which The Daily Plate does automatically for me. If I had stayed at 1900 calories (where I started) I would have seen weight loss slow down and to jump from 1900 to 1700 would have been a bit of a shock. Now 1900 seems like a lot of calories and 1700 seems normal.

Well we’ll see how things go this weekend and what my official weigh in on Monday says.

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For the first time I’m consistently feeling hungry at the end of the day, pretty much every day. I’m not sure yet what to do with that. I’ve been considering bumping my calories up 100 to make room for an extra banana in the evening but there’s a big part of me that wants to see if my body will just adjust and I can stay where I’m at.

I’m at 1719 calories at the moment which does not seem unreasonable but it’s definitely harder to stay on plan while hungry. Plus I’ve been working pretty hard to learn how to listen and respond to my body and my body seem to be saying it wants more food. On the other hand I’m really liking my progress and kind of unwilling, at the moment, to see it slow down.

Well we’ll see how it goes. I’m also toying with the idea of having a couple of maintenance days (or a maintenance week) after I hit the 30lbs lost mark. I have a theory that it’s hard for your body to lose weight so giving it a break once in awhile seems like a smart idea.

What will I do? No idea yet…stay tuned!

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Well yesterday my appetite was unquenchable I could have eaten a horse and still been gnawing on the saddle leather.

I stuck to my calories though and tuffed it out while I was up late writing a paper. Man did I want to eat. I woke up this morning to a 1.4 lb loss over yesterday. I’m starting to think there is something to the idea that when you get those really crazy munchies that it means you’re about to drop a chunk of weight. It happened the last time I was crawling the walls wanting to eat. Even if it’s not true it’s a good way to look at it because it’s motivating to stay on target that way.

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