Vacations aren’t such a bad thing.

So, I went on my Cancun trip, and stuck to my plan. I would start my day with my strict rule to only two cups of coffee with creamer. It would have been too easy to allow that third cup and begin the day going off plan. But I kept the long term goal in mind and did not feel tempted as the two cups was my normal anyway. We ordered room service for breakfast most days. I found the most sensible breakfast item and tried it. Loved it and stuck to that as my no-brainer first meal. It was an egg white omelet with grilled asparagus and zucchini. It also came with one slice of grilled turkey and a little veggie compote. All very delish and satisfying way to meet my nutritional need.  My lunches and dinners were also very sensible as the international portion is much smaller than the american extreme, so I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted for these meals knowing that I would never walk away feeling stuffed or that I’d overeaten. I also enjoyed desserts a few times.

I also saw to it that I got in exercise every day. Most days it was easy to sneak in a 30 min workout at 7am, dance for hours in the dance club, swim, walk everywhere, and just move. My biggest physical goal was to climb the tallest ruin in the Coba complex. It felt very surreal to dream about the day, and then to face the challenge. I got pretty emotional when I rode my bike up to it. The tears forming in my eyes were for the dream realized. I made it to the top in very little time despite the 100 degree weather and mega humidity. I was light-headed and so in love; in love with the view, with the accomplishment, and for the realization.


Because I allowed plenty of drinking in my days, I was super nervous to go to my weigh in last Wednesday. Doing most things right, I was rewarded on the scale. Yes, I went to an all-inclusive resort for 8 days, flew first class, and managed to lose weight. I lost another 1.2 lbs during my week away. Yay for me!

Today, another week later, I was a little nervous again that last week’s loss was a fluke and that I would end up gaining this week. I did everything right. I really had no right to be worried, but those fears just arrive. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. We create them. We conquer them as well.

I thought that climbing the tallest ruin in and of itself would be the goal. But I was wrong, I have an irrational fear of falling and when I started the climb down, I learned that this was where the challenge started. I was shaking. My heart was pounding and I knew I must proceed. I was never so kind to myself before, and I know it was that positive self-talk that enabled me to get down. Its easy to forget how important our words are to ourselves.  

I weighed in today and lost another 2.4 lbs. I am now 309.8 lbs. I am just as determined to continue. That talk, it still exists. Its not talking me down a ruin, but it is encouraging me to love myself more than anything. I don’t need no stinking Mexico trip to lose weight for. And I’m now just 9.8 lbs away from taking up jogging again. Nervous but also excited.

And as promised, me at the top!

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