Oh yeah!

Just a quickie. I am busy with wrapping up all the last minute details before we leave for Cancun on Saturday, so I figured I’d give a quick update. I weighed in tonight and was down another 3.6 lbs. Oh yeah, that’s 4 lbs in the last two weeks. I love when things work as I wish.

In my meeting tonight, my leader reminded me that my last vacation did not treat me so well, or really, I did not treat me so well. I made all kinds of splurges and did not stick to my exercise plans, so she asked what was I doing different this time. I have already considered this and was prepared to tell her that I intended to maintain. I won’t weigh in again for another two weeks, so if I stay focused and do everything I am committed to do, I should be fine. The only exception will be the cocktails. If I drink like I know I will want to, I will need to step up the movement because I also know I will want to eat good foods and enjoy. So, after walking away from the weigh in counter, I felt somewhat confident. But just a few minutes later, the meetig leader handed me a 5 pound sticker and shared my goal of maintaining with the entire group. UGH! Instantly, the sense of accountability was magnified by 10. I might need to consider that everything drink equals a set amount of exercise, any activity, as long as its movement.

On another quick note – Costco now sells Skinny Cow candy bars…umm, OMG, so good! I am checking a box of things to give to the kids in Mexico, so I decided to also add a few things for my success, like 3 boxes of Crystal Light Pure Lemonade water packets and a ziplock full of Skinny Cow candy. I know this seems old, but the minifridge is packed for of booze and candy bars, so if I arrive with a healthier option I will not feel deprived.

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