We shall see…

I managed to get in another 4 hour hike this past weekend, and plenty of other movement to add up to 40 AP’s. Feels very good to move. You forget that when you’re sedientary and packing on pounds. Its such a mood enhancer and just works so well at keeping all the joints oiled and healthy.

I have also managed to stay totally on track. This was the first week in a while that I decided to use up my weekly points. It was a nice treat to enjoy a dinner out and then splurge on a slice of Raspberry Jello Cake last Friday night.

Knowing my body and the way I rarely drop three weeks in a row, I went in without any expectation. So when I lost .4, it felt like a blessing. It also made me very happy to have chosen to enjoy a long hike and a dessert.

Losing and enjoying, both part of my title and both very important to my healthier lifestyle. This girl aint a 400 pounder anymore and the mindset has completely changed. Soon, I will no longer be a 300 pounder either. So excited for when that milestone finally happens.

Mexico is just 10 days away. I am so ready. I am looking forward to the challenges and moderate splurges. If I can maintain the weight during this vacation, that will be a first, and quite an accomplishment. I am mentally preparing with imagery. We shall see…  

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