Just a quick check-in

Since I didn’t have a weigh-in today due to the Spring Break break, I figured I’d stay true to my weekly committment to check in here.

I’ve been staying on track. I managed to have about 20 weekly points and 47 activity points left over for the week when I started new this morning. No expectation, just stating how hard I continue to work at it.

I had somewhat of a realization this week. I have been on the depo shot for over 5 yrs now, and don’t really have a TOTM like other girls, so I became oblivious to what that’s like anymore. Starting Sunday, I have been experincing a lot of “those” symptoms and bamb there she be. I am within my 12 week timeframe to get my shot next week, but for some reason my body has decided its in control. I have never felt so bloated and crappy. So exhausted…but these symptoms might be a good explanation for the lack of loss in the last couple weeks. It will be interesting to see what happens at weigh-in next week.

I took my hiking group on a great trip on Sunday. Killer cardio because of the elevation. When I was training for a half-marathon, I would use this trail to train. The last time I was there I got to the top in less than 60 mins, which was a pretty amazing accomplishment. Of course, I am not running 3-6 miles a day and my cardio isn’t quite what it was, but we ended up making really good time. We’ve all been working out, so not any one of us were holding anyone back. We got up to the top in just over an hour.

I am going to plan for another solo hike on Saturday just so I can keep my activity points up.

Speaking on AP’s, I just got home from my weekly Zumba class. This was my third one and its getting easier to follow. As long as I’m moving, its a good thing. The lady that starts our class can’t be there next week, so we weren’t going to have class. Now I’m getting used to the added class and I volunteered myself to start the class for her. Not only am I already paid for the class but now I’m starting it for others, so I guess that’s a little push to be sure to attend.

I am at the one month mark until Cancun. I am excited to be planning so many adventures and physical activities while on vacation. I can see the difference the last 15 lbs has made on my body and I sure can feel it. I may be in the 300’s but I am still athletic. I will post a pic of me at the top of the tallest ruin in the Yucatan to prove it.

Til next week.     

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