Short and sweet

The journey continues…

When motivation wanes, then your determination must take the wheel. I guess I could say I’m still pretty determined. I have been tracking every bite that goes into my mouth, and staying well within my allotted points. I have been taking food pleasures and using most of my weekly points. I have been exercises, a lot, mostly 40+ points each week, and not eating those points. I lost .2 this week and officially feel ripped off of my weekly motivating loss. And I know I’m determiend because as bummed out as it feels to know I went on an 8 mile hike, two power weight classes, Zumba and almost daily dog walks (even in the snow today), I am still going to push past this funk. I left my WW class and instead of feeling sorry for myself and letting that overwhelm my emotions, I went back to my second Zumba class. The cardio movement felt good, and I learned that its not possible to stay in that funk when I did the class.

I am on a journey and although I have no idea what kind of game my body is playing with me, I cannot let it get in the way of all the positive changes I have made for myself. In the long run, they make me better. They make me feel better, both mentally and physically, so that has to be what its worth and all about.

I have another hike planned for this Sunday, and no weigh in next week because its Spring Break. I suppose its just one more week to keep at the journey.

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