It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Well, I survived my first Zumba class ever. It was actually kind of fun, now granted I am a sloppy mess when it comes to the steps, but I was moving and laughing. Having a good time while exercising can’t be all that bad. I walked a total of 4 hours this past week with the dogs, did two power weights classes, and one of the 30 minute WW Cardio/Yoga DVDs.

I had a few mini-celebrations in the food department this week. During my weekly lunch in town last Thursday, I ordered my favorite Chicken Taco Salad, but instead of grazing on the tortilla chips and salsa while waiting, I told them to hold the chips. I used my taco shell instead of chips and left still very satisfied. The next day, Friday, is our regular date night out for dinner. Now if I knew I was only eating out this night, I would order and eat anything I wanted knowing that I would use my weekly allowance points. I decided to order a dinner salad and split an entree with the hubby. Again, very satisfied, plus I didn’t have to cook or leave the restaurant feeling overly stuffed. Then on Saturday night, we had a local fundraising dinner and auction to attend. I had two pieces of fried chicken thighs, a small portion of potatoes, broccoli salad, fruit salad, a dinner roll, and a brownie ala mode dessert. This was a nice treat. I was pretty comfortable with all my food decisions.

I have continued to use my iphone to track and I totally love it. If you haven’t tried it and have etools, DO IT! I credit my ability to lose to my dedication to my tracking. It makes me very aware of what I’m consuming and if it’s the wisest choice for me at the moment.

At weight-in tonight, I lost another 1.2 lbs and pretty proud of it. One more down…and the journey is not over. I’ve learned that I have to truly enjoy these days because these are the days to live for, not vacations or trips, but the real life.

Our WW leader handed out a positive affirmations bookmark that I will share.

* I am capable of achieving my goal.

* I love the feeling of making progress.

* I am more than a number on the scale.

* I have two choices: Make progress or make excuses.

* I know that nothing tastes as good as being in control feels. (My personal favorite!)

* I will focus on progress, not perfection.

* I am worth what it takes to achieve my goal.

* I will never, never, never, never give up.

* I am a winner!


I have decided that even though I’m not going to train for a marathon at this point of my life, I am going to start jogging again when I get to 310. I remember how much I loved the exhilaration from running and the sense of accomplishment I gained from being able to jog 3 miles. I am putting the weight goal on jogging because I need to be cognizant of my knees and body, and anything over 310 is just too much pounding. Just 15 more lbs to go…

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