Leaps and bounds

After last week’s disappointment, I went into this week’s meeting without expectation because I knew it could be ugly. Our topic last week was to “move more,” and since I’ve already been moving I decided I would challenge myself to move each day, instead a few days a week, and to step it up. So if I normally walked 3 laps, I would walk 4 or if I normally walk 30 mins., walk 60. I managed to stick to my goal. I earned 31 activity points. I didn’t have to do any extreme or lengthy exercises. I just made sure to fit it in.

I lost 2.2 lbs this week. I am very pleased with this loss. I could have easily demanded better results of my body, but that gets me nowhere fast. Also, I have to remember that I’m not a 20 year old anymore and losing is not what it used to be.

With this positive attitude, I have agreed to start a Women’s Weights class and a Zumba class. Each of these classes is offered in my small town by the community. I rushed home from my meeting to find my weights. Done.  I will be there tomorrow at 9am. I’m kind of excited to be motivated. And as far as Zumba goes, this will be my first ever and I am seriously nervous. I am not very coordinated, so I’m scared to embarrass myself. It’s the fear that I must confront.

I bought the new WW workout DVD set, so I hope to get that in a couple times this week, maybe in addition to a dog walk.

Today, I feel like I’m growing. It feels good.

Daily Intake


2 cups coffee with creamer – 6pts (I was too busy to think about eating breakfast this morning.)


Homemade Edemame Salad – 9pts (knowing I missed breakfast, I intentionally ate a normal meal so not to overeat)

1/2 cantaloupe – 0pts

Hot Link Sausage Wrap (left over from a previous night’s dinner) – 7pts


10 oz cooked chicken breast with Jamaican Jerk sauce – 11pts

Oven fries – 8 pts

Ranch dressing – 4pts

I have 7 pts left for the day. If you know me, you know I will reserve at least 3 of those for an ice cream bar with Survivor. And maybe I’ll go to bed with 4 pts left over…we will see how I feel later.

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