Simple pleasures!

I was on a pity train in the last post, so I decided that its best not only to post when I’m elated from weight loss, or pissed off at the scale, but at other highs and lows of my life. What I find interesting is I posted about my weight loss disappointments literally two years ago. I stated that I know I set myself up for the disappointment only because I have expectations. This remains true. I cannot try hard enough to rid life of these expectations. I can be so aware or unaware that it just hits me upside the head. I received a comment that I strongly agree with which made me rethink the idea of placing specific weight loss goals on my body. The commenter said that I needed to make WW a lifetime program and to live life. I know this. I do this. But what’s so different this time that had me so devestated? Well, I set this damn 2 lb per week goal because we are going to Mexico in a couple months with a large group of friends. This kind of shortterm deadline is not congruent with a lifetime program. This can’t be a temporary change that serves its purpose only for a vacation. My head has been set straight again.

I have stuck to my points, tracking, and exercising.

Today was a blessed day. Yesterday was my second grandson’s first birthday, so I traveled back to Portland today for his birthday party. My grandson’s bring me such joy. They are growing so quickly. It excites me because of all that we can do together, but it also scares me because the time goes by so fast. SO DOWN babies!

After a Costco run and stop for a manicure, I spent the entire day with one-on-one time with my boys. Easton will be two next month, and he is just so precious. He knows who I am and he calls me Nawna. So cute. We shared apple bite snacks with each other. We played trucks. We read. We tooks pictures and videos.

Riley was enamoured with his birthday decorations. He loves Sponge Bob right now, so his house was loaded with everything Sponge Bob. At one, they play, but not quite as much interaction as a two year old. Nonetheless, we enjoyed our playtime together.


Reflecting back on the day, made me realize that I have the simple pleasures to fill my life. Not only did I get to play like a two year old and be present for my family, I stayed within plan and planned so well that I could enjoy a small slice of birthday cake and have a glass of wine after my long drive home.

Life is sweet like a glass of Sangria.

Today’s Intake


2 Cups Coffee with peppermint mocha creamer – 6pts

1 Slice Banana Blueberry bread – 6pts


2 Homemade Chicken Enchiladas with salsa – 12 pts

1 Apple and Kiwi (shared with the two year old) – 0pts

1 Slice birthday cake – 6pts


6 oz Sirloin Steak – 9 pts

Mac and Broccoli – 6pts

8 oz wine – 7pts

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